[Obsolete Info] SmartTiles Installer: Fixed for now;

Continuing the discussion from SmartThings OAuth Changes:

The deadline for shared OAuth installs (like the SmartTiles web installer) has been updated to March 31st, 2016 (i.e., new restrictions are in place on April 1st.

Note: It is very important that you do not “Remove / Uninstall” the “SmartTiles (Connect)” SmartApp from your Account, since, for an indeterminate period, there will be no way for you to reinstall it.

I have posted more information on the SmartTiles News Feed:

##The (temporary) good news:

SmartThings has partially resolved the platform / system issues. They have added a new server cluster (AKA a “cloud shard”) with address “https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com/”, and we have updated the SmartTiles Installer to support this.

We are not certain how or which SmartThings Accounts are being assigned to the new Region-Shard, but perhaps it is used for all for new SmartThings customers, or customers who have deleted and now recreated their Accounts.

Regardless, it does not hurt to try multiple installation attempts, each time using a different choice of Region-Shard on the Installation Options Screen. The new option is the second one (see picture below).


We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we navigate SmartThings’s turbulent waters.


I thought Smart Tiles was going to be approved “within a few weeks” two month ago? I guess in never happened, huh? :confused:

Doubt I said that, but please don’t bother looking it up. I try very hard not to give deliver date estimates that are outside my control, but sometimes slip up.

We did get our Alpha of V6 approved :punch:.

Now working on stretching out V5 for a while longer, so it has been submitted for approval a few weeks ago (March 4th).

V5 is quite popular and fits Minimum Lovable Product criteria, giving us the time we want to ensure V6 is very heavily QA tested.

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can i just ask? just so i am aware what the issue is. And can be educated, you are showing a region selection screen with the details of the new US shard aswell as the UK one. I thought this selection was handled in smartapp code by using getApiServerUrl() is this now not the case?

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Yup… SmartTiles needs to ask for the Region/Shard just for the “shared OAuth” installation method we use (the method that is being disabled). The process needs to point to the right “graph*.api” server URL before the user is asked (by SmartThings) to login and authorize the installation. The way SmartTiles shares the SmartApp requires manual replication to each shard; so each has a unique server and SmartApp client-id.

Obviously this won’t scale as more shards are added and Accounts may be moved from one to another. There may be ways SmartThings (or we) could hack workarounds, but it is no longer relevant …in a few days.

For Marketplace published OAuth SmartApps, the platform has ways to pass authentication along from the default API server to the appropriate shard API server without asking in advance. We also presume the SmartApp will be automatically replicated when any code updates are pushed.


Ah right ok. Cheers for the education :slight_smile:

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