How to notify only if certain person is home

I’m trying to setup a sort of notification at a specific time for my wife as a reminder of a conference call. I’m thinking Sonos message or blinking lights (Hue or GE Link) would be the best. I know I can set up “Sonos Notify with Sound” but I’m looking for something that will ONLY notify if she’s home. I guess I could create a mode for “Maria’s Home” and have that app only trigger during this mode. But I’m unsure how that will impact all other modes since I think ST can only be in one mode at a time and I currently am using some HH logic for setting lights to nightlights, etc.

Looking in the IDE at apps, I think what I’d need is something like The Flasher with a scheduled days and time option.

So I guess my questions are:

Can ST be in two different modes at the same time?
Is there an app that can accomplish what I’ve described?


I think the easiest way for you to accomplish this would be:

  1. Set up a virtual on/off switch in IDE.
  2. Have ST turn that switch on/off based on your wife’s presence at home.
  3. Change logic to “Sonos Notify with Sound” to run only when the virtual switch for wife’s presence is “on”.


The SmartApp would be easy to develop in the IDE just need a couple inputs

-Date and Time of notification
-Interval of notification (one time, daily, weekly, etc.)
-Notification message (or could be hard coded)
-Input to use if presence or on

If you are using the presence detection, ie phone or zigbee keyfob, then the smartApp would need to have you choose which presence sensor.

If you wanted to do want Tony proposed, just set the input to the virtual switch, not ideal but could work.

Then the code would be easy, in normal words:

-Set Timer for Date and Time and call a function on that Date/Time

-Function to alert is called, check if presence / input is true

-If presence / input true, send notification.

-Optional, reset schedule to next interval, day, week, etc. (this can be done in the schedule function as well)

Keep in mind ST notifications go to all users. Optional input would be email or phone number to send message to.

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