[OBSOLETE] - Hive (Connect) V3.2c (British Gas Hive)


im just about to buy a Smart thermostat and have pretty much landed on Hive, are you saying that now this cant be used with smartthings?


just installed this, very impressive work!

has anyone got a foolproof way of connecting a motion sensor as well?

i did some more research, and im using the orvibo DH from this forum to make it all work!

awesome work everyone :slight_smile:

Hi. Was there ever any progress with this?

i decided to just reset my motion sensor and use a different device handler, its just a basic zigbee motion sensor so i installed this:

i did a hard rest of my hive motion sensor and now it integrates perfectly with my smartthings hub and i just set up the automations that i had from the hive app with smartthings. and i even made them smarter and more complicated because smartthings is so much better than the hive app.

Hello - I previously had my Hive connected to ST in the classic app. In the new app it asked for my account credentials again. I keep getting an error 401 account locked - my user name and pw are definitely correct


I’ve uninstalled the smart app and DHs numerous times to no avail. Any ideas how to connect my Hive account?


Yeah, I’m getting the same. No one any ideas?

This might sound silly but make sure you’re not adding any spaces at the end of either your username or password.

Yeah, checked. I even changed my Hive password, just so I was 100% I knew what it was…

Hi I am also now getting this message was working fine until about 2 hours ago.

Ditto - Hive thermostat has dropped offline in the last hour or two.

Only been with Smartthings for just over a month and it seems more like a slow motion car crash every day

I wonder if it’s an OAUTH issue with the new app.

I removed my Hive kit from smartthings and put it into Google home.

Now my smartthings only looks after anything ZWave or Zigbee.

Same here. I’m also having problems with google home app (it’s direct linked to Hive as well as via ST) and the Hive app itself

Quick browse of the hive forums found :

Looks like hive broke it.

I’m not having any issues with the Google home integration. I had to completely remove hive from smartthings so that I didn’t get duplicates in the Google home app.

Ah, didn’t realise you just moved to Ghome, I thought it was something you’d done in the past. I guess either you are lucky, or it’s about to break there too :slight_smile: There’s a couple of hive forum threads with lots of ‘metoo’ so I think something is up

Fingers crossed.

Hive have ackknowledged a problem :


It turns out, today is the day that people across the UK asked “It’s cold enough to turn on the heating, right?” Unfortunately our auto-scaling is having issues keeping up. We are actively investigating. We apologise for an inconvenience caused.09/24/2020, 19:13:46 GMT

See : https://community.hivehome.com/s/question/0D55I00000a5gdoSAA/just-found-this-in-their-website

I really don’t rate how hive approaches issues. Nothing worked on launch now this, was it a shock that people would want their heating on soon?

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and we’re back

I’ll getting these issues too! Can’t seem to control hive bulbs from st app. Anyone got their hive devices working yet??

are you still getting this problem? I’m also experiencing this in my live logs