[BETA] Orvibo Motion Sensor


(Chris) #1

Here we go, been working fine for me so far.

It’s beta because I haven’t tested the fingerprinting yet, I just haven’t had time. If anyone else gets a chance to see if it works, and could let me know I’d appreciate it. Otherwise I’ll just have to try to firstly remember to do it, secondly find the time.

NOTE: The sensor does not report when motion has stopped so there is a timer that will update the status to ‘inactive’ after a set period of time. By default this is 2 seconds, but you can adjust this in the device preferences to whatever you like.

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(Jon) #2

Great work @Kriskit! Many thanks - my motion sensor now works brilliantly. :joy:

(Paul) #3

Yep. Thanks for this @Kriskit nice work.

These things are really well built for the money. I might have to look at waterproofing one for the outside world.

Specification pasted below for those interested.

@Kriskit I added " capability “Battery” to your code so I can see the battery status from my battery status page in SmartTiles.

Thanks again.

Power Supply : 2AA batteries
Standby current : ≤50uA
Alarm current : ≤50mA
Communication Protoco : ZigBee HA
Working frequency : 2.4GHz
Wireless standard : IEEE 802.15.4
Channel :
Modulation mode : OQPSK
Encryption : AES-128
Communication speed : 250 Kbps
Transmission power : ≤4.5dBm
Receiver sensitivity : ≥=90dBm
Detaction range : 120 degrees horizontally,
Detection distance : 7m
Communication distance : 80m(in open area)
Casing material : PC+ABS
Operating environment : -10-50℃
Operating humidity : 10%-90% RH
Dimension : 52.6 x 63mm

(Michael Hess) #4

Anyone have pictures of these compared to the usual suspects like ST, Iris, Etc? They look really big.

Edit: Any comments comparison wise to the others would be appreciated as well. They are only $21 so I wouldn’t mind grabbing a few to try.

(Eric) #5

Not as slim as the SmartThings ones. At $21 right now, only $4 cheaper than SmartThings version if you buy a 5 pack and apply the 4th of July + another discount code. I got a 5 pack for $125 shipped. Still these Orvibo ones are not bad for certain use cases.

(Bob) #6

Hi @brumster.
Can you tell me what you did to display the battery level?
Thanks in advance.
EDIT: I have just altered the code by putting in
capability "Battery " and it is now showing battery level.
Looks like it takes a few minutes before it reports.

(Paul) #7

Long time ago! Just had a quick look and I can see this:

metadata {
	definition (name: "Orvibo Motion Sensor", namespace: "kriskit.orvibo", author: "Chris Kitch") {
		capability "Motion Sensor"
		capability "Sensor"
		capability "Battery"

Try that!

(Wayne Woo) #8

Dear all,

I’m trying to pair Orvibo Motion Sensor to Smartthings Hub but the hub cant recognize the orvibo device. It connected as unknown device. Kindly help. THANKS

(Bob) #9

Install the Orvibo DH above and then go into your devices and amend your Orvibo Device to use the Orvibo DH.

(Wayne Woo) #10

Hi Bobbles,

Thanks for your reply. I’m quite new in this smarthome devices. May i know where to install orvibo DH and guide me through?

Appreciate if you could help

(Bob) #11

Are you familier wirh the ide?

(Wayne Woo) #12

not really

(Bob) #13

I will pm you.

(Wayne Woo) #14

Thanks alot!

(Chris) #15

This can now be installed using Github integration:

(Hooman) #16

My orvibo connects and everything but it disconnects after about half a day . If anyone experiencing the same thing?

(Chris) #17

I haven’t experienced that unfortunately :frowning:

Mine have been operating for over a year without a disconnect. It might depend how far away they are from your ST hub?

(Simon) #18

Orvibo are sensitive signal strength and do not seem to be able to connect via a repeater. I moved my motion sensors close to the hub and have not had a drop out in almost a year now. One nice thing about the Orvibo though is that they reconnect as soon as they are back in range.


Thanks very much, works with my Hive Motion Sensor with time-out set to 30 seconds.