[OBSOLETE] - Hive (Connect) V3.2c (British Gas Hive)

Really interesting how this will work out. Im not a developer, but following this thread as I have Hive hub and Thermostats and so far it was working flawlessly last few years. Hope someone will be able to get this fixed. I have also noticed that it has stopped working on Home assistant integration. So im guessing it has something to do with authentication on Hive end anyway.

Ditto, I am hoping this gets sorted as it was an excellent intergration and how I ran all my lights in the house!

We should probably continue this conversation over at Hive Connect not Working

I’m looking into this today. Bear with me and I’ll update this thread.

My initial findings are not looking good.

It looks like they’ve shifted the authentication mechanism to AWS IDP. Unfortunately this requires a token on the Hive side to be created for each application to have permission to call the authentication service. This means that authentication may no longer be possible via this SmartThings app.

Did you see Hive Connect not Working ? The HA community found a fix (for non 2FA at least)

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Thank you all for doing the hard work for me! I’ve updated the authentication URL and published to GitHub. The fix seems to working for me although I had to reselect my thermostat in the Hive smart app.


Cheers for the swift fix. Heating is back to normal. Unfortunately, although Hot water works fine in old app and works in new app it shows offline in new app. Ideas?

Sweet. Thanks for update! :slightly_smiling_face: Working like before. Except for Hot water showing offline. Same as @siwilson mentioned above.

Thanks @Alyc100 & Co fantastic work! Same as everyone above, my Hive Heating works but the Hive Hot water is still showing as offline.

Thanks for sorting things so quick (only just realised I had an issue!).
A new snag I’ve not had before for everyone’s info: I re-published the smartapp and device handlers and when I reconfigured it all on the app it gave me an error adding my devices and clicking “Done”. But I found it had added some of my TRVs. After another couple of goes it successively added more and more until they were all there. So I reckon that the app has a timeout limit but you can just keep going until it’s sorted.

@Alyc100 thanks so much for this update/fix. I realise it wasn’t all you but none the less my Hive thermostat and TRV’s are all now functioning properly!

Please keep up the good work. I’d be lost without this community.

Hi @bibbleq , before I get start dug into your fork of the handler, would you know why I might be getting this?

error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot execute null+60000 @line 1293 (getDeviceTRVStatus)

Thanks in advance!

Ah thanks I think I know why and will take a look and update tomorrow.

To get round it temporarily try changing the line to

def CacheExpire = TimeNow

Leave it for 10 mins then put back the original line…

Cheers. I’ve done this for now and seems to be working:

    def CacheExpire = []
    if (state.LastTRVCheck == null){
    	CacheExpire = TimeNow + 60000
    } else {
    	CacheExpire = state.LastTRVCheck + 60000

@bibbleq Just wanted to say that I finally replaced my MiHome TRVs with some Hive TRVs last week and installed your Hive TRV device handler for the first time. Fantastic work!

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UPDATE - Please update the Hive (Connect) smart app to v3.1.1b and Hive Device Handler to v3.2. I have found that maybe due to a Github merge, the deviceId was being written with the device suffix embedded which has caused some inconsistency depending on which version of the smart app you added your devices with. You might have noticed that commands for heating and TRVs are not working.

If you go to Device List in the Smartthings IDE, check your heating and TRV devices. If you see ‘trvcontrol’ or ‘heating’ within the DeviceNetworkID, you will need to EDIT the device network ID within the Smartthings IDE and remove the remove the “heating/“ or “trvcontrol/“ prefixes.

Apologies for the hassle, but adding the device type within the deviceNetworkID is inconsistent with all the other Hive devices.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

i seem to be unable to get your app to update on my phone. i’ve updated it in the IDE but it still shows 3.1 on the smartthings app

i’ve fully removed and redownloaded it using update from repo and it still shows 3.1 and wont let me authenticate. yet the code on the IDE says 3.1.1b

any advice as i still cant login to get the thermostat on my smartthings hub?

carrying on my ramble… i turned off 2FA and it now works :slight_smile:

My bad. I forgot to update the version text in the code. Should be ok now.

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Hi Alex, the device handler for the Hive Hot Water is not showing correctly on my Samsung Galaxy S10 any longer. The UI is completely broken so that I cannot read anything on the device page within the new Smartthings app (not Smartthings Classic). The Hive Heating device is working perfectly. Please advise. I can provide a screenshot if needed. Many thanks, Anton