[OBSOLETE] Garadget (Connect)

I had Garadget installed and working with ST well. I recently upgraded to the new ST hub version 3 and have not been able to find the devices in either the class or the new app.

I do have the smartapp installed and published on the ide and that is found and logged into on the app and I selected the garages. But I don’t have the garages in my devices listed on the app.

What am I missing - could you please help?

If it uses a custom device type handler, it won’t work with the new app. You’ll have to either make changes to the DTH or continue to use the classic app.


Can you help me out. I installed the Garadget (connect) smart app (thank you) and was able to get my first garage door working great. I set up my phone as a presence sensor in ST classic and the garage door opens as I arrive at home. I installed my second garage door and wrote another Automation routine in ST classic exactly like the first one but selected the new garage door (large door). I can get the ST app to manually open the new door, but it will not open as I arrive home. My phone is set up in both garage door automation routines so the original door still opens but not the new one. I looked in the notifications activity feed and I see that ST app is seeing my phone arrive at home but no action on the garage doors. I have tried deleting all apps, logging out, deleting the Large Garage Door routine and reenterinh. Nothing seems to work.

Any thoughts?

This isn’t something that I can help you with. If the activity feed is not showing an action being performed. Then the fault lies with the automation. What are you using to automate?

I am using the ST Automation routines within the ST classic app.

well you are between a rock or a hard place as Smarthings wont give you support for anything that in any way touches 3rd party anything.

have you reviewed the logs in the IDE when it triggers? is there anything there?

or have you considered CoRE as this has a lot better handling and auditng

I have looked at the IDE logs and I can see that my phone is being seen when I arrive home. However, when I look at the Large Garage Door log I am not sure I know what I am looking at. I can see a lot of different entries in the log, but not sure what it all means.

I can trigger the Automation routine in the ST app manually by pressing the Automation routine button and the garage door opens just fine. It is just not automatic when I arrive home. Again, my small door opens just fine. Same Automation routine in both. Could there be a conflict between the two routines that are using my phone as a presence sensor and trying to control two different doors? Also, I am changing the mode to home in both routines. Not sure I need to do that, could that cause some conflict where only the small door opens?

minor contribution here, but I at least have the open and closed state displaying properly in the new app by adding vid: ocfDeviceType: and mnmn: to the metadata definition. Open and Close for Automations and Scenes works by using the Contact Sensor for Status and the Garage Door Open and Close capability for control. You will also get the proper garage door icon. (pic shows Garadget as Jim’s Garage Door and GoControl as Sherri’s)

metadata {

definition (name: "Garadget", 
            namespace: "fuzzysb", 
            author: "Stuart Buchanan", 
            vid: "generic-contact-4", 
            ocfDeviceType: "oic.d.garagedoor",
            mnmn: "SmartThings") {

please do a pull request in Github with your code change and i will approve.

First of all, thanks fuzzyligic for your job. I have a problem. I connect ST to Garadget with my credentials. The reply is: Credential Accepted! Garadget is now connected to SmartThings! Then I press the NEXT button, but in the “Choose devices” windows i have: “Select Device(s) You can’t currently add this”.
Can anyone help me.


Not sure if this app is still supported.

I’ve successfully installed and connected with my ST app, however the Smartthings panel toggle on my Note 9 doesn’t work. It updates the status (delayed) but won’t let me open/close the garage from the toggle. I have to do it in the ST app.

Would appreciate any help. If this app is no longer supported is there an alternative?


Yes, it is still widely used and supported. Try the Garadget Community Board at:
That forum is pretty active.

Anyone install this recently and able to login?

Im having issues as well with hubitat and smart things too

Based on what I’ve seen, no. The authentication method is broken for any new users and there seems like no developer to fix it. I would say as of now the Garadget with ST is a no go.

You can setup the garadget to use MQTT and go that route… I’d check the garadget forum for the latest. There is a post on there discussing the broken auth.

Oddly the garadgets are what got me into Home Automation. I think the product is a great idea and well thought out. However development has rapidly declined over the last few years. Even the MQTT firmware has issues with the topic name and seemingly no one to fix it. The platform has lots of options, hopefully someday the maker will continue down the development route. Otherwise if you are wanting garage door control for ST I’d look elsewhere. The code is open so if you can code…this would/could be a great platform to play with though. Mine have also been rock solid for years now.

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The official SmartThings integration is live.
In SmartThings mobile app use “add device” and then look for Garadget under the brands tab.

We going to sort out the categorization so it is in “Garage Doors” instead of “Other”, but other than that it’s good to go.

Thanks all for your patience.

We’ve got two garage doors and two Garadget devices. I just added the official integration, and only one garage door showed up in SmartThings. What do I need to do to get the second one to show up?

Please PM me your devices IDs and I’ll check things out on my end.

Sorry, looks like one of the devices became disconnected from my account, I rarely open the Garadget app but just did to get the IDs and it’s only showing one garage door. I’ll add the second one back on later today and see if it gets added with the official integration.

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