[OBSOLETE] Door Monitor


First post here, I am posting a Door Monitor smart app. This app is not completely my work. I made some changes from escherrer’s Door Monitor app that was published. The difference is I made my smart app monitor SmartHome Security. Essentially if your alarm is set to “away” the door chime will not chime. If your alarm is set to “stay” only indoor contacts will chime. Lastly if your alarm is set to “off” all door monitors will chime when opened. I noticed when i tried to setup my Aeon Siren as a door monitor with other smartapps that if the alarm was set and it was opened the door the siren would just beep and the siren would not go off. I have tested my version for the past 2 months and it works great for me. I am posting in case someone else is interested in this type of solution.




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Cool idea!

It would be helpful to other community members if you gave your smartapp a unique name, particularly because people sometimes like to switch back-and-forth between smartapps with different features so they can test which one they want. :sunglasses:

Alright, I just changed the name space and email and added a bit to the description.

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