Sounds or Alerts to PC?

So ive come from IRIS (Worst platform ever) But got smartthigns for home security. Seems like it is not as friendly for home security as i would like. However, i have been able to set all contact sensors, motion sensors, and even got the v2 IRIS keypad to work. My problem now, is there is no Audible noise for an intruder, i will fix this with a siren i plan on buying. But there is no “chime” for opening doors, no “Alert” for arming or unarming the alarm. As i am new to this platform, is there a way to have a PC computer located in the room to make a “sound” for certain actions i can set? I dont want to by Amazon echo, or other expensive sonos products. Any help?

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Check out the Aeon devices, which can act as a siren too. (Caveat I don’t have one, don’t care about door chimes)

If you wanted to be creative you could probably write a smart app to make a hubAction call to a remote endpoint on your PC to trigger an event.

Get this installed and working first.
VLC Thing (a smartthings app) that helps smartthings talk to the VLC media player running on the PC.
Then there are many apps that can watch and trigger spoken announcements or various chimes.
It makes the PC running VLC look like a smart speaker.

Install guide:

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The Aeon doorbell (different from the siren mentioned above) is not great as a doorbell (at least for me… the button it comes with is terrible!). But, it has slots for 100 mp3 files which you can then trigger using various smartapps. So with 100 different sound files, you can make the thing do just about anything you’d want! There’s a couple different handlers on the forum for it… I think this is the one I’m using.

Sure, SmartThings is the best security system ever. And don’t take my word for it :wink:

Thank you for the responses. I agree that any cloud based system wont be very good with security, but in my situation, i wanted something simple that i can arm, it lets me know on cell phone that something has happened, and a siren. I have no mansion, nothing of value anyone would know about, and just wanted to “scare” factor of a siren. The added home automation and open architecture of smartthings i liked. I do like the idea of the door bell alarm

So in other words, i could have it play an mp3 on one of its “slots” when a door opens? or for that case a “beep” mp3 when i ARM the alarm? This would be awesome

Yeah, anything. You got 100 slots to play with. Voice recordings, noises, etc. There’s a couple of device handlers available on the forums and each comes with details how to use… plus links on how to load files onto the device, you have to do a it a certain way. You can use some smartapp (I use CoRE) to trigger any of the sounds based on whatever criteria you’d want. I haven’t set mine up the way I want yet, only tinkered, but the threads related to the device handlers will have a tonne of details if you want to read up and see what you think. I do actually use mine as a doorbell, but not with the included doorbell button… I drilled a hole through my wall from outside to inside and wired a standard doorbell button to a contact sensor and use that to trigger whatever sound I want. I also use it as a siren for alarm along with an Aeon siren unit in another room.

You might want to check out the keypad device type that was updated by zcorneli. It has a beep compatibility and exit delay beeps. With a little coding magic you can use the beep as the door chime. I’m working on adding it and the exit delay into the smartapp I use.
You can also see more of the conversation here starting at post 738. CentraLite Keypads

This amazing! Thanks!!!

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