[OBSOLETE] Dome Door/Window Sensor Pro (Official)

I won’t be converting the Dome Door/Window Sensor Pro DTH into an Edge Driver so it will stop working once the Groovy platform is retired, but it shouldn’t need a custom driver.

The code below is the Official device handler for the Dome Door/Window Sensor Pro (Model: DMDP1)

Changes made to the settings won’t be applied until the next time the device wakes up. You can force the device to wake up immediately by opening and closing its cover.



10 year battery life and signal strength indicator? Cool!

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Optional built-in temperature sensor* (8-year battery life with temperature sensor enabled)

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Hello, I’m using this for few weeks, so far so good, yet I have an issue with battery readings. It fluctuates between constantly between 1% - 100% and one can even get an in-app notification about low battery. Does anybody experience similar issue with inconsistent battery readings?

I just got a notification that my battery is at 1%. It was at 87 % this morning. How did you resolve this issue?

And while I’m here does anyone have issues with doors reporting as stuck open if you open the door slightly then quickly close it?

  1. Yes, its fixed: I suspect that the battery was not fully siting in its place, thus, due to a bad contact, it was fluctuating, I managed to fix this by placing small cushion under the battery door so that when closed it will push the battery slightly, ensuring its proper placement.
  2. I noticed when the magnet is not properly aligned with the sensor (very properly) the door can, at times, remain open though it’s actually closed. My door frame had a slight angle and the magnet mas not aligned with the sensor, after I fixed the angle issue the sensor starts working as expected without “false open” issues.

I like the device, but the way it holds the battery is one of the worst designs I’ve seen.

Hi Kevin. Any updates on this DTH? Not to disrespect your work but this particular one is terrible for me. For example:
Temperature report seems to be only changing on contact change (open/close)? I hope this isn’t the case
SmartThings can status can be stuck in one state. I think this has to do with changing state to quick, within 5 seconds or less. Seems to get stuck more on “open” vs closed. See attached.

It’s my first day with the sensor so I may find more and I hope I am wrong about the temperature update.

It started reporting temperature. Seems to be same time as the check in interval. Is that right?

The problems you’re experiencing are not specific to the DTH…

Based on my testing with the device, it only reports the temperature when it opens or wakes up. It might also report it when it closes, but I can’t remember.

Setting a lower wake up interval with increase the frequency of the temperature reporting, but if you set it really low it might reduce the battery life.

I’m not sure if the device takes a measurement every time it wakes up so if you set the wake up interval to 5 minutes it might just report the same value every time it wakes up until it takes another measurement.

The device only reports whole numbers and if the value didn’t change you won’t see an entry in the Recently tab every time it wakes up. You can verify that a value is being reported every time it wakes up by clicking the device’s temperature link in IDE.

The mobile app has caching issues so sometimes the device changes state, but you can’t see it in the mobile app until you go back and forth between the device and Things tab a couple of times. I doubt that’s your problem, but it’s worth checking the contact value in the IDE the next time it gets stuck open to see if it did change back to closed.

Based on the screenshot below, which is from the device’s advanced manual, it sounds like it can take up to 5 seconds to finish processing an open or closed event.

If that’s the case then the contact closing before the device finishes processing the open event might explain why the closed event doesn’t always get reported.

And the Oscar for best answer goes to… Kevinnnn :+1:

Hi Kevin,
Yesterday a window was open for first time in weeks and device status did not update. I removed the magnet before I close the window and even this morning (12 hrs later) device still shows “closed status”. Temperature reports have been coming in every hour as configured.

How can I troubleshot what went wrong?

Same thing happened to me last week. Opening and closing the cover will fix it, but I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again.

That is concerning. Do you think if it’s the device that’s not reliable or DTH requires further twerking?

If the device doesn’t send the command, the DTH can’t report it so I’m 99% sure it’s not a problem with the handler.

Is anyone with these “lost open/closed status” issues running the SmartThings firmware with the beta Z-Wave radio firmware update applied? Personally, I do not have this update but I was curious if the update might fix some of these issues with the sensor status getting lost.

Added sensor and it loaded with z wave Dth. I changed Dth to this one. Device activates but Dth not updating. Any suggestions?

Sorry, I completely missed your post, but if you’re still having issues:

Remove “//” from the beginning of the “log.trace” line at the bottom of the code, open Live Logging, and see if anything gets logged when you activate the sensor.

If it didn’t log anything then the reports aren’t making it to the hub so it could be a signal or association issue. Removing the device and joining it again from the location you plan on using it might solve the problem.

If it did log something then post the logging results.

The issue cured itself. Thanks for your hard work. Been using your leak detector and water shut off DH.

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I won’t be converting the Dome Door/Window Sensor Pro DTH into an Edge Driver so it will stop working once the Groovy platform is retired, but it shouldn’t need a custom driver.