[OBSOLETE] Disable manual dim on GE 14294?

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I’ve been experimenting with a few device handlers for the GE 14294 and I couldn’t find what I’m looking for. Hoping you folks could point me in the right direction.

Guests at my home tend to push and hold the dimmer when trying to turn it on and inadvertently end up partially dimming the light and informing me they think the light is broken.

I would like to disable the manual dim function of the dimmer paddle. I would like a tap/hold of UP to turn ON. I would like a tap/hold of DOWN to turn OFF. I would only want to dim by using an interface or Alexa/GH.

What I’ve Tried:
I’ve tried tinkering with nuttytree’s DH and jscgs350’s DH with no success. Currently, holding UP ramps the lights to 99% which is fine. Holding DOWN, however, drops it to 1%, not OFF. This, in turn, makes it so that tapping UP again doesn’t ramp back to 99%. Also, when in the 1% dim, coming back from OFF only brings it back to 1% again, since it was where it was dimmed to last.

Is what I’m trying to achieve possible? I basically want it to manually behave like an on/off switch, but still be able to dim it from the hub or other interface.

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Not possible. The DTH has nothing to do with the physical function of the dimmer. You could always just replace it with an on/off smart-switch instead of the dimmer. But the dimming is a function of the device, not the DTH.

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Not quite the same but you could adjust the ramp rates so the dimming is imperceptibly slow. At the very least, they probably won’t have the patience to hold the toggle while it goes all the way to 1%.

Remember, whenever you have a dimmer, it’s going to turn back on with the physical switch at the level it was last set. This is exactly why I didn’t put smart switchs in my powder room (guest/half bathroom). No one would ever do it right and would be more trouble than it’s worth.

I came to the same realization this week. I should have used a lot less dimmers in my implementation. Did I really need to dim the light in my master closet? Sheesh! Anyone want to trade a bunch of dimmers for on/off switches? lol

So I’ve run into similar issues. As I’ve bought additional switches i’ve moved some of my older dimmers around. Also they seem to be cheaper these days. What i found to work is to use this DTH. Its for the dimmer/motion sensor switch but it has far more settings that allow you to adjust dimmer speed and switching it to a on/off switch. Its not a perfect solution because the switch will look “off” in the smartthings tile because it changes based on motion. This isn’t a big deal for me because I mainly use them for automations in these areas. If you select the device it will display it as on/off

you can set the default dim level to 99, you an enable “switch mode”, you can adjust dimmer steps. It would be a perfect solution is someone could remove the “motion” and “light sensor” out of the Device handler. I tried but I couldn’t figure it out on the new app.

Its pretty much a instant on/off. If someone holds it down it still will attempt to dim. This is when the default level is nice because if you push it up it will go back to 99