[OBSOLETE] Bought a hue outdoor sensor - not supported in SmartThings?


So every other gateway I’ve tried support the hue outdoor sensor.

I’ve tried Smartthings and using the hue hub the sensor isn’t in devices on Smartthings, why is this? Super disappointed, wanted it to for webcore automation


thanks richard, so the indoor sensor DTH works for the outdoor version?

Yes I had the indoor and went back to the store swapped it for outdoor and paired it and it worked

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I hooked mine up using the indoor device handler and it seems to be working fine. I have it controlling a non-hue light on the back porch. There are a few false motion alerts throughout the day which is to be expected, at night there are a couple but I have not determined if false or not. I’m just happy I found an outdoor motion sensor that works with ST.

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Thanks Richard … awesome … mine is working now … had to change model: “SML002” then it came right up!

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Thank you for this - how do I ‘load’ this piece of code into my SmartThings Hub v3? Is it as simple as copying the code from the second post, into this code area (see photo)

You don’t: you copy it into your cloud account. All custom code runs in the cloud.

So you were in the right place, you were just doing something a little different than what you thought. :sunglasses:

See the FAQ For the step-by-step process:

Thank you @JDRoberts. I was reading the article you sent - this code, is it a SmartApp or Device Handler?

Also, to clarify, will this work without the Hue Hub? I don’t have one, and don’t plan on getting one (as all my lights are Lifx).

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It’s a device type handler.

And yes, the code in this thread is specifically to allow a Hue motion sensor to connect directly to the smartthings hub without using a hue bridge.

Mine won’t work with that code. It constantly shows motion.

Is it also constantly showing motion in the hue app? If so, it’s either a defective unit or it’s the placement of it, nothing to do with smartthings.

If it shows as inactive in the hue app but active in the smartthings app, then that’s a different issue.

Hi Richard,

I installed the DTH and was able to detect it using SmartThings Classic app, but it is stuck in “PLEASE WAIT” for configuration.

Did you experience the same when you installed it? How long did it take before the app was able to detect its status? If it wasn’t an issue for you, any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? It’s the only Hue Motion Sensor DTH listed under My Device Handlers.


No never had a problem I just installed the dth it just found the sensor and it works fine try deleting it and reinstall

Can i control the sensitivity of the sensor when connected through smartthings rather then the hue bridge?

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Thank you for attaching the link for newbies like myself. I tried loading the code and running it. What is it supposed to do? How do you link a DH to a physical device? Any guidance would be helpful.
I’m trying to connect my hue sensor directly to the SmartThings hub.

Please read the FAQ, it answers all of the questions you just asked. :sunglasses:

FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic)

Also having the same issue. Using the DTH code, it keeps finding my outdoor motion sensor only as thing, not a motion sensor? Can I manually just change the thing device type to zigbee motion sensor in my api?

Fixed the SML002 got me also