[OBSOLETE] Beta testers needed for RGBgenie Z-wave touch panels and LED controllers

We are looking for people who would like to help us beta test device handlers for the RGBgenie Z-Wave Plus touch panels and LED controllers. If you already have one or both of these items on your SmartThings hub, please feel free to PM me and we will get you a link to download the beta versions.

Some new features are “Stage mode” for the LED controllers that allows you to set various effects. The touch panels, even though they are Z-Wave, have a child device handler which will allow you to control other protocols as well. So your RGBW Z-Wave touch panel can control your RGBW Zigbee lighting.

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LED Controllers

All RGBgenie Z-Wave Plus LED controllers work through the Zwave-LED-Controller.groovy driver
The LED controller driver allows you to change the type of device so you are not limited by the original model purchase. You can adjust between CCT, Single Color, and RGBW models, and it will change the device’s functionality at a firmware level.

RGBW Models:
You can optionally enable / disable the WarmWhite component so if you are using RGB only LED strips you won’t get signals sent to the WarmWhite output mistakenly.
When using just RGB LEDs color temperature is simulated using just RGB color elemets. Between 2700K to 6500K
When using RGBW LEDs, to get the best color temperature result, you can set the kelvin temperature of the white LED element, to match the specs of your LED strips, and the color temperature range will adjust to the capabilities of your LED strip. The Cold White color temperatures are created using the RGB elements.


  • Color Temperature Control
  • RGB Color Control
  • Dimmer Controls
  • Light Effects
  • Ability to change the device type at the firmware level swap between CT/RGBW/Single Color
  • Color temperature control on CCT & RGBW models even using RGB only LED strips

Touch Panels

A child driver can be loaded for each zone on the multi zone models, the Scene only models are a single Zone by default.
This child driver can be used with the ST built-in color coordinator application to syncronize the output of the touch panel to groups of devices that do not support Z-wave associations. For example, Zigbee or Wifi devices.
Optionally the child drivers can utilize the Scene buttons as button controllers or scene capture / activate. With the button controller functionality on a 3 scene / 3 zone touch panel you would end up with 9 buttons that can be pushed or held to have actions mapped to any functionality in hubitat.

All touch panels support up to 12 associations directly per zone. These can be utilized in any combination per zone, including multiple occurrences across each zone in the multi-zone units. Child devices occupy 1 of the 12 available associations per zone when activated…


  • Scene capture / activate
  • Button controller
  • Multiple Child devices on the multi-zone capable models
  • Combinations of z-wave direct association and hub control
  • Ability to control any number of devices through the hub’s mirror app Z-wave, Zigbee, Wifi, etc
  • Configurable between scene activation / scene capture and button control features
  • Insane amount of possible configurations and uses

Device / Driver List

Model Description Driver(s)
ZV-1008 RGBW LED Controller with built-in power supply rgbgenie-led-controller.groovy
ZW-1000 CCT LED Controller rgbgenie-led-controller.groovy
ZW-1001 Single Color LED Controller rgbgenie-led-controller.groovy
ZW-1002 RGBW LED Controller rgbgenie-led-controller.groovy
ZW-3001 3 Zone / 3 Scene Single Color Touch Panel White rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw.groovy / rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw-child.groovy
ZW-3002 3 Scene Color Touch Panel White rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw.groovy / rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw-child.groovy
ZW-3003 3 Scene Color Touch Panel Black rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw.groovy / rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw-child.groovy
ZW-3004 3 Zone Color Touch Panel White rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw.groovy / rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw-child.groovy
ZW-3005 3 Zone Color Touch Panel Black rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw.groovy / rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw-child.groovy
ZW-3011 3 Zone / 3 Scene CCT Color Touch Panel White rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw.groovy / rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw-child.groovy
ZW-4001 Micro Controller and Lamp Module rgbgenie-zwave-micro-dimmer.groovy

I admit I’m pretty new to installing devicehandlers, so feel free to punt if you’re looking for more advanced beta testers. I have a smartthings hub (v3) and just bougt a ZW-3001. Installed the rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw.groovy / rgbgenie-touch-panel-zw-child.groovy handlers, but I’m not clear on where to go from here. The device shows up with the right handler, but I’m not sure how to use the configuration. When I “create child driver for zone 1”, it gets set to “true”, but then the setting doesn’t seem to “take”. When I go back to the settings later, “Create child driver for zone 1” is deselected. Same thing when I choose “Enable scene capture…” next time I go back to settings, it’s cleared and set back to false.

The good news is that the hub is showing device history, like switch on/off and level changes. I don’t see it registering history on the scene buttons though. Do you have instruction manuals? Should I send logs somehow? I can start debugging the code too, but I’m very new to this, and sounds like this is a beta.

Sorry for the late reply. Please email any error logs you get to sean@RGBgenie.com . The child setting should be sticking.

Thanks! I sent some logs over email. The main thing I noticed is that getChildDevices() was returning empty even though it was creating them - I changed it to call getChildDevices(true) and that started logging child devices in the debug logs, but that didn’t change anything materially.

The thing I’m hoping to get to work is to have the device show as a bunch of different buttons that I can wire up automations to. So one button would turn on/off kitchen. Another would turn on/off dining room, another on/off living room, and so forth. Am I going about this the right way? I was expecting to be able to configure all of this in the smartthings app, but maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree?

Ugh, I didn’t even “forums” right. I sent some logs on email. Also in a different reply in this thread, I explained my use case a little more. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated!

Got them. Thanks. Let me take a look.

I’m considering getting a ZV-1008 to control and dim white 24VDC LED strip light. Will it work?

installed the driver and tried to run in simulator as virtual device… got error. What amI doing wrong?

f9747c22-5057-4cea-93bd-267f39271cb0 11:18:29 AM: error java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method startsWith() on null object @line 624 (command)

f9747c22-5057-4cea-93bd-267f39271cb0 11:18:29 AM: debug setLevel(52.0, 0)

f9747c22-5057-4cea-93bd-267f39271cb0 11:18:29 AM: debug setLevel(52.0, 0)

I don’t believe we setup any simulator functions…

The handler expects an actual device to be present

Ahhhh ok … make sense. I don’t know driver details.

I’m considering getting a ZV-1008 to control and dim white 24VDC LED strip light. Will it work?

Yes … It should work fine…

But if you have any trouble … Let me know

Great … thanks … i like the power supply with built-in Z-Wave.

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I do too… This is the model I use with CCT leds in my kitchen…


Do you know of a battery powered Z-Wave dimmer control that could be used to control ZV-1008 and allow it to be controlled by SmartThings.
Something that looked like wall switch where the device was magnetically attached to the wall plate and could be removed for portable use would be perfect. I know of the Aeotect WallMote

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A little birdie told me that in a few weeks, RGBgenie will be releasing exactly what you describe.


So it looks like you put wall plate over the mounting bracket. It looks exactly like what I’m looking for. When that birdie chirps I should have my ZV-1008 up and running.

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A birdie :grin: