[OBSOLETE] Beta testers needed for RGBgenie Z-wave touch panels and LED controllers

Got the ZV-1008, hooked it up, added it to the Z-Wave network and installed the handler.

Easy- Peasy … Works like a charm. Less expensive and less of a kludge than a separate Z-Wave controller and power supply.

Nice work. I love it when stuff just works

I look forward to getting a ZW-5123


That’s all @bcopeland His device handlers are superior.


Anyone using the ZW-3002?

I just got the ZW-3005 with the intent to control a few groups of lights on a patio. I was able to get the touch panel into ST but have hit a road block. I am unable to get the touch panel to control any lights. I tried on a Gledopto light, Gledopto RGB strip controller and a Novestella flood light and all failed. Any help would be appriciated.


On the mini remote, is that fully integrated now into smartthings? I would like a battery operated remote/scene controller to control two different bedside sconces.

Many multi button zwave Devices rely on “ zwave direct association” to assign a button to control a specific device.

When that method is used, the device being controlled must also be Z wave. That’s because the control will be done by having the remote send the message directly to the other device, it does not go through the hub first.

It looks like all of the devices that you were trying to control are Zigbee devices, and if that is true then you cannot use this DTH for any of the functions which are based on zwave direct association. :disappointed_relieved:

Hello I am newish to the whole home automation and Smartthings and was hoping to get some help. I was able to add the ZW-1002 to my SmartThings app, but having trouble adding ZW-3004. I tried adding the handler using this website https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/devices but I dont get anything. Am i Missing something? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

Hello there,

Has anyone created any handlers for this:

About this receive this remote and and I see limited integrations.

Need some help please. I have the zw-3005. I installed the device handler and updated my device . I assume "zone associations " is where i enter which devices I want to controll , where do I get hexadecimal nodeID?

looking for a wall based controllers for our color BR30s (have a mix of Hue and OSRAM zigbees) for 3 of our rooms

will this wall controller work with SmartThings ? or do i need to switch out to Hue hub?

Not sure if you are still looking for beta testers, if so will be happy to help


Hi Ryan.

It will be the Zwave ID in the IDE interface. It will be two digits. Like 10 or C1 something like that.


Thank you, I was looking in the right place then.Turned out I have a v2 hub, so waiting on the v3 one to show up.

Greetings! - I’m using rgbgenie-led-controller.groovy with zv-1008 and I can’t get the W channel of RGBW working - any tips? (thanks)

I’ve been exploring getting an LED setup under kitchen cabinets: what hardware would I need to be able to use your device handlers here?