[OBSOLETE: [BETA MILESTONE 2] CoRE (Community's own Rules Engine)

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  1. Detect rain
  2. Measure the amount of rain over a period of time.

The capabilities Are written into the netatmo rain device.

Seems like a reasonable capability to have defined for sure. I’ll see if I can get it added.


Okay, why is this piston running… this was doing this to me last night and driving me mad…

I can’t figure it out, it’s a dead simple piston, I’d delete it and rebuild it but the random on/offs for 5+ lights takes an hour plus to build…

So I added further restrictions and it is still running!!! I am in mode ‘Home’ right now without SHM armed and it’s running away turning things on and off…

@ady624 @bamarayne

I can’t see the bottom if the piston. Are you using “repeat while action” or “loop”?

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It’s just If / Then…

Full Piston here, sorry for eye chart.

Doesn’t make sense, say’s it’s true, but even acknowledges the mode is home…

I swear it has to do with this odd issue with modes:

Note it shows the condition overview defined as it shows in the dashboard, but the comparison is null. When I select the comparison it does not have the “Is one of” again as it did earlier today…

@bamarayne - are you on android and having this issue? this is the first time I have noticed it…

Option 1: Enable CANCEL ON PISTON STATE CHANGE for that action. All tasks get scheduled at run time, so you want to make sure when the mode changes or you get out of the time frame, you want to cancel all remaining off/ons

Option 2: If using restrictions, there is an option in the piston where you can prevent scheduled tasks to run during restricted times.

I recommend option 1.

Let me know if it works :slight_smile:

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Okay I have added the cancel on piston state change to each of the “Then” action categories, will see how that goes.


Still not sure why the piston shows true, when I mode is home ??

For the cancel on piston state change to work, you have to design the piston in such a way that it turns false when you don’t want it to run - i.e. have a condition for the mode, so that when the mode changes, the action gets cancelled. If you just added that option, it will cancel all tasks when the mode actually changes - your mode did not change, you just changed the piston settings… the piston state only changes when devices that it subscribes to change. That explains why it still shows true.

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with this piston,

if a light is on when mode changes will it stay on though?

Which piston?

@JH1 's above

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I have a problem changing settings in the main CoRE app. About a week ago I turned off the recovery options in the main CoRE app. Today I went to turn on those option and I am prevented from saving the changes because when I press DONE I am getting “Please fill out all required fields”. Pressing back gets the “Unsaved Changes” warning and backing out doesn’t save the settings.

I am running on the latest release but I had this problem last week but figured it was a SmartThings platform issue.

Running on Android.

I believe so.

When I come home, I have a routine/piston that runs that turns certain things off / on. It should put me in the desired state.

I’d like a better Vacation Lighting piston, but I haven’t seen a better one or conceived a better one. Looking for that masterful execution.

This is mine, not actually tested, but i think it will do the trick. Need to add a few more lights into it, but you get the idea!

I have another one for when I’m away overnight and the, it takes into account (a bit anyway)the lengthening evenings as we approach winter, I’ve added some random waits in to add some randomness

Something like this.

Works well for me.

v0.2.13d.20160815 - Beta M2 - Fixed a bug affecting variables (introduced with v0.2.13c), made some dashboard improvements (speed)


Very common problem on Android. Ady says its their bug. Find a Toggle setting on any such page and set it one way and then back again to default state. Then try the ‘Done’ again. On other pages I found that going in to another deeper menu and then backing out of that had actually saved the original page data. If the data you are entering turns blue then I believe it is saved and you can just back tab. Give each page a few seconds to ensure that settings from sub-pages have rippled through. Hope that helps.

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How do I add a plus or minus offset with Android? I have neither character available on the keyboard that the app uses. For example I want 30 minutes before sunset on a piston.