CoRE and Piston Rules Engine, first design steps

Someone had asked this before but I don’t think a detailed how-to was ever posted. This was the last post about it that I remember.

This one sends me an text. I’m using the weather tile 2.0 device type found on this forum.

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Ok, I refined this a little bit.
You would bed to set up something that will refresh the virtual weather tile however often you want.

This piston:

Produces this text message:

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I’m not sure this is the right area to post this, but I’m fighting with the Nest Manager app when all I want is something simple. The ability to just tell my Nest what the real house temp is using an average of all my sensors. Sadly, the Nest 3.1 has the ability to do this, but forces you to pick a single daytime temp and won’t let things override it nicely.

If I could just have an option in Core that let me replace the ‘current temp’ in my thermostat, I could build anything. But there is no Task/Action (I think) that would let me do that. Just heating and cooling set points, modes, fans and the like.

Any thoughts are comments are really appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hi there My name is Bojan, I am using ST now for couple of mounts, i love the CoRE smart app and i am using it for almost everything, i recently bought NETATMO RAIN GAUGE and added to my NEATMO station, I was hoping i would be able to set it with CoRE but than i was not able to find anything under rain sensor… It would be cool if somebody can help me out how to link rain gauge with CoRE in order to be able: when it rains to close my shutters and so on. Thank you guys for reading and i hope somebody can help me out.

Check this previous post and following response:

Enable expert mode - an Attribute field will show up in all conditions, allowing you to select the relevant (and possibly custom) attribute that allows you to sense rain.

Tagging @slagle, @jim, @Aaron for a possible Rain Sensor capability. This is becoming more and more of a request. Thank you.

Ok or my CoRe is outdated v0.1.09d.201600616 or something is wrong… when i turn expert mode on, doesnt show up any Attribute in conditions… Next question if i am on some old version behind can i update to new one without losing my pistons, is it possible just to update it via GitHub without deliting pistons :blush: sorry guys if its silly question. Thank you

Update via github, you won’t lose any pistons. The attribute field shows up once you select a capability and then a device. You may need to use the Sensor capability to find the Netatmo Rain Sensor - there is currently no standard defined by ST for rain sensors.

Thnak you for your help and fast reply, really cool from you :smiley:

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I have smartthings integrated with Alexa and Ask Alexa. Alexa is integrated with Lutron smarthub. Was wondering if it was possible using CoRE <=> Ask Alexa integration control lutron dimmers using a virtual dimmer in smartthings. I could go the IFTTT route, but if I could do all with smartthings/Alexa that would be great.



I don’t know if I’m the right place but I’ve got a problem creating a Piston rule…

I’ve got a Stelpro zWave thermostat and I want to change the mode between comfort and eco. The zWave command would be “SetThermostatMode” -> String -> ‘eco’ or ‘comfort’. When I select my thermostat and choose the “Set ThermostatMode” function within CORE, there’s no option to send a custom string, there’s only predefined value like “OFF, AUTO, …”. Is there a way to be able to send the custom string using the SetThermostatMode function? If not, how can we ask to add a custom field within CORE so I can send the right command? Thanks

CoRE follows the documentation, so documented requests can only do what’s documented. Is there any custom command that can take your string maybe? The custom commands have a little house profile icon in front of their names - you can add parameters there.


The custom command “SetThermostatMode” isnt there so I cannot send my own parameter… Is there a place to add/request that option?

Link to DTH please?

Here’s the link of the product :

I’m in contact with a developer from Stelpro. Using RuleMachine, I was able to make it work using a custom command.

Just sending setThermostatMode “eco” or “comfort” is working fine. I’m trying to replicate the same custom command with CORE and there’s no way right now to send that command.

The problem is with the fact that in order to get published, CoRE HAS TO follow documentation. For that matter, I cannot add “eco” and “comfort” to the list, as they are not listed in the documentation - remember, CoRE is very general, so then it could break other developer’s implementations when “eco” is sent to a command that won’t understand it.

If you have the DTH installed, you can easily adapt it so that CoRE can work with it. Have you enabled Expert Mode to gain access to all the custom commands in that DTH?

I always wondered what that was, LOL.



Yes, I enabled the Expert mode.

The only thing I would need is to see the custom command setThermostatMode… After that, I would be able to choose “String” and send the right parameter. I tried using the custom command switchMode but it’s not working…

Maybe there’s a workarround I don’t see…

setThermostatMode is NOT a custom command, it’s a well defined, ST standard command, and there is no “eco” option for it. Open up the DTH code and add this at the very end, then save and publish:

def setCustomThermostatMode(mode) {

After saving and publishing “For Me”, go back to core and you should find a setCustomThermostatMode there - then you can type in your mode. I can’t and won’t modify setThermostatMode as it would break a requirement for publishing. Sorry.