[OBSOLETE] Auto Mode for Thermostats

This SmartApp has been hiding in my Hive Device type topic for a while, but I’ve been finding it useful so wanted to publish this app in it’s own topic for others to find. I’m also not sure whether some of the concepts of this app are more UK thermostat centric where we have heating boost functionality and a fixed schedule that is usually programmed in.

The idea behind this smart app is that I wanted my thermostat system (British Gas Hive Heating) to turn off automatically when Smartthings was in an Away mode and come back on when I arrived back. You can add different rules for multiple thermostats in the house. In my setup, I set the heating to ‘off’ in my ‘Away’ and ‘Away Night’ modes and set to a ‘Boost / Emergency Heat’ when it comes out of those modes. I have my hot water system set to ‘off’ in my ‘Away’ and ‘Away Night’ modes and set back to ‘Schedule/Auto’ when it comes out of those modes. You can also assign switches to trigger thermostat mode changes.

Installation Instructions

Save and Self-publish ‘Auto Mode for Thermostats’ SmartApp https://github.com/alyc100/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/smartapps/alyc100/parent/auto-mode-for-thermostats.src/auto-mode-for-thermostats.groovy
by creating a new SmartApp in the SmartThings IDE and pasting the source code in the “From Code” tab.

Save (do not publish) ‘Thermostat Mode Automation’ SmartApp https://github.com/alyc100/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/smartapps/alyc100/thermostatmodeautomation/thermostat-mode-automation.src/thermostat-mode-automation.groovy
by creating a new SmartApp in the SmartThings IDE and pasting the source code in the “From Code” tab.

Open SmartThings mobile app and locate “Auto Mode for Thermostats” SmartApp in the “My Apps” section of the Marketplace.

Very interesting.
Are you saying that your hive thermostat connects to your ST hub?
You then control it through your app.
Justhe wondering as I have a tado and was wondering whether this would connect.

Yes. I created a Hive Heating and Hot Water device type for SmartThings that connects in a cloud to cloud way rather than directly. Not sure if someone in the community has created a Tado device type. If there is a Tado device type available, then in theory it could work with this app.

Sorry but I am not that good at this sort of stuff. How do I create a device type that connects in a 'cloud to cloud ’ way.

It involves programming i’m afraid, but hopefully somebody has already created one with some instructions. A quick search on the community has come up with this

Ah Ha. Thanks. Will have to start playing.


Really enjoying testing your Hive heat and water integration with Smartthings - I would also like to try the auto mode smart apps above - but can’t get the link to connect through to github - can you verify, so I can follow through - and help test - much appreciated.

Now fixed. Try again. There were two random numbers appended on the end of each link.

Wow - that was quick - thanks Alex!

Hi Alex,

The App woks quite well. Really great implementation. So far works exactly when its suppose to.

My weekday activities are quite time bound, where a schedule works quite well. But my weekend activities are not as time bound, and quite often results in the house being empty when the heating is on. Is it possible to implement a day selection, so only on certain days the app is triggering mode changes, when people leave and arrive?

Also I am having difficulty finding the Auto Mode for Thermostats app. I installed and configured it, as described, but after this I can find it, to review the settings. do you know where in the ST app I can find it?


Great suggestion. I’ll look into having an extra option to select days for each auto thermostat rule.

In the new ST app layout, it should be listed with all the other installed SmartApps accessible from the main menu that scrolls in from the right.

Updated to allow day and time restrictions for thermostat mode rules. Update the Thermostat Mode Automation SmartApp with the code below. Let me know if it works as expected.

https://github.com/alyc100/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/smartapps/alyc100/thermostatmodeautomation/thermostat-mode-automation.src/thermostat-mode-automation.groovy .

Thank you for implementing this.

I have just installed the update and found the following:

  1. Setup Top floor to go off on Sat and Sun only, when home is in Away mode only. Then returns back to Schedule when home is in Home or Night mode.
    -> I had this working correctly (without the Sat/ Sunday selection) previously, so will let you know more about this after the weekend.

  2. Setup ground floor to go into Manual mode on Friday’s only, when home is in Home mode, within 6am to 7pm. Return to Schedule if Away/ Night mode is activated or outside of the time window.
    -> I didn’t have this setup previously. I found that setting this caused the heating on the ground floor to change modes to Manual, although its Tuesday evening, and outside of the specified time window. Still looking into what is going on and will try to provide more info.



Really wanted to try this out but none of the links seem to be working?