Device Type Question Regarding URL call

I worked out an X-10 interface for ST. It’s explained here: A Simple X-10 Interface It works by getting IFTTT to issue a URL call when a ST switch is flipped.

The issue is needing 2 IFTTT recipes for each X-10 device. I’d like to get the opinion of the device type experts here. Here is a quick description of what I would like to do:

Create a device type that does one of these things when a ST switch defined by that device type is turned on or off:

Makes a formatted URL call (Get) to a local or internet based web site.
Pushes a text string that contains the name or network ID of the switch, both of which contains the X-10 ID, and if it was going ON or OFF to email, text, or some other messaging system I could get at with other software to format and send the required URL.
I’m not looking for the specifics on how to do that. I hope to figure that out on my own. But, I want to get opinions on whether what I want to do can be be done with a device type or other function within ST.
Thank you,

You can definitely do this. See

You can send an SMS from a SmartApp (, but I don’t think you can send one from a device type.