OAuth integration questions (2019)

Whilst I wait for the result of my OAuth integration approval (72 days so far and still waiting!) can anyone clear up a few points.

Firstly, is it possible to install Automations programatically using OAuth integration and, if so how are the interactive bits that would occur when installing through the mobile app handled (choosing devices, giving permission, etc)?

If not, is there an alternate way of achieving the same behaviour? I.e. subscribing to events occurring on a SmartThings device (e.g. door opening) to trigger calls to an application running on an external website.

Also, are there any limits to the number of installations across separate users that can be done?

I will need to distribute my automation to up to 5000 users. Whilst each user will only need one installation that’s still more than the 500 installations mentioned in the docs. (And way more that the figure of 20 that cropped up in a recent support response)

Finally, why all the secrecy? All I’ve been able to get from support is that Automations are only some sort of bodge to allow testing and that I will be given details of some completely different method should my OAuth integration be approved.

Surely if OAuth integration is the proper way it should feature prominently in the docs and tutorials and webhook automations should be a sidenote.

Any comments/advice from those who have actually obtained approval would be gratefully received.

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Two words:

Ongoing Beta (or even Alpha) testing mode. Patience padwan.

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@Mdunsford Did you ever get approved? How long did it take? I just submitted an application for my company and I’m wondering how long approval takes?