NYCE-3010 Door hinge sensor battery?

Sorry for the random post - does anyone know what kind of battery the NYCE 3010-HA Door hinge sensor takes? (for the record I’m getting over a year on the batteries, thus why I can’t remember what they use…)

I have a batch of them that need batteries, am at work, and my Google-fu is failing me so I can’t crack one open to find out and I’d like to buy a few on the way home.

An Amazon product page says CR2, but that can’t be right. The first user question says CR2032, which makes more sense.

Their own page for the NCZ-3010-HA also says CR2032 (and up to 5 years of battery life).

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It’s a 2032 - now with the jog, I can see it in my head. I must have stared at that same product page a million times and looked right over it. Need more sleep I guess.

Thanks @jlv

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