Ghost NYCE hinge sensor returns from the dead

This is just an odd one, so I thought I’d post just in case somebody wants to troubleshoot with me. I have two NYCE door hinge sensors that I stopped using about a year ago. I found them to be somewhat unreliable. Anyway, tonight, I was scrolling through my devices list and noticed a new NYCE Door Hinge Sensor in my list. It was created yesterday according to the IDE and has registered no activity other than that it exists and is open. I am not actually at home right now, nor was I yesterday, so no devices were added at all. It just showed up and thinks it is open. The sensor is in a drawer in my garage tool chest. The battery reports at 61%. I deleted these devices a long time ago and, they weren’t named generically, but for the doors they were installed on. The random new device has shown up with the device name “NYCE Door Hinge Sensor.”

Anyway. Not causing any issues, but kind of confused about how this device just decided to check back in.

This has happened to some other community members in the past. In one case, the person shared screenshots where a device showed up called “dining room sensor” when he doesn’t even have a dining room.

Most of the time it appears to be database corruption in the cloud. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with your own physical devices.

You can report it to support, but probably they would just have you remove it from the network again.

Thanks. I went ahead and removed it. Got an access denied error on removal, but it is gone from my device list, despite that.

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