Nuimo: Smart Home Interface

Anyone seen this yet?

I know it’s a kickstarter so I don’t have much hopes of actually seeing a product this year, but the idea is pretty interesting.

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It’s a giant Bluetooth remote. Nothing more. Retailing at over $200. Sexy form factor, but that’s about it. It doesn’t actually do any of the hologram type stuff in the video.

It will probably work, but it’s the kind of thing that I would wait to see released at retail before considering it.


Looks pretty slick, but i’m not sold on bluetooth for home automation. Ive been using smart phones, smart watches and other various computing equipment with bluetooth for a very long time and my experience is that it doesn’t “just work”. I expect to have to re-pair it to my cell phone way too often than i would like. I really hope they build a product that proves me wrong.

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I haven’t heard of this as a typical issue with most bluetooth products, whether it’s the door locks like August or a computer mouse or a typical car speakerphone. I have a bluetooth mini boombox that I paired once over a year ago, no problems. But it may be different for different people.

I know there were significant disconnection problems with Windows 8.1 and Android 4.22, both associated with power saving protocols.

But Bluetooth is generally classified as “very reliable.”

@JDRoberts - I have a speaker that has only dropped once or twice during the past couple years, but my Pebble watch needs reconnected about once per week.

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For anyone interested… mine arrived a few weeks ago. It’s beautiful - well made - but totally useless.

It relies on bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, which in turn relies on apps that are controllable being installed on your phone

cant be paired to ST as far as I can see

Very laggy as a result

So essentially its more of a phone controller than a home controller. If I leave the house the nuimo can’t control anything.

I think either in the future if ST ever releases a BT implementation, or if these guys create a hub that can connect at home nuimos to LAN then it could be useful.

Massive shame


Yup… Many of us have high hopes for the potential uses of Bluetooth in the SmartThings Hub, because there’s quite a range of smart home devices and controllers that could benefit…provided they are in wireless range.

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What a let down! I was hoping it would simply be a Z-wave switch, which would be incredibly useful. Apparently it never needs batteries as it charges itself during clicks? Very neat idea if true.

The tech specs say it uses Wi-Fi, but not how. Maybe there’s some potential in here to get away from the current phone based control.