Bluetooth activation/roadmap

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Is there any information, inkling or roadmap information on when Bluetooth will be in beta or release. even if its as loose as coming 2017, Q4? not even on the roadmap at the moment?

Would be useful. for me this opens up smartthings to so many more useful products especially in the UK. Even if its enabled but no product support so we can develop our own for now.

Look forward to some information.



At the moment there aren’t any plans to turn it on that I know of. We want to get some other things done first I know that. But, I’ll probe around and see what I can find out. If you don’t hear from me that answer is not at the moment.


If you want Bluetooth support now, you may want to look at Vera Plus. Currently, only one device is listed on the official support page, but at least it’s enabled. I wouldn’t count on ST enabling BT in foreseeable future.

@slagle , can you clarify your statement “there aren’t any plans to turn it on that I know of.” Can you confirm that there is an overall plan to uitlize this feature for all of us that spent money specifically on the V2 Hub under the promises of this being activated at some point? These types of features / technologies are often times reasons we upgrade or spend additional dollars on new versions of products. Now that the V2 hub has announced for over a year (Pre orders were August 2015) and the hub itself has been out for just about a year come September, it’d be good to know what the roadmap looks like so we know if we’re getting the features out of a product we’ve invested in.

Why does everybody keep asking for the roadmap? Let’s face it, there isn’t one. Even if there were, ST’s track record of delivering on the promised features is extremely poor. No flames please, just stating the fact. :sunglasses:

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I found the roadmap…


I’m not trying to downplay your request, but what exactly do you plan on using bluetooth for? I am sure there are a bunch of use cases out there that I don’t know about (and that is why people keep asking for it), but what are they? From my experience, bluetooth is an inferior technology for the majority of HA use cases. The range is generally pretty bad. I have some bluetooth lightbulbs and of course have used bluetooth headsets, speakers, and watches. Most of the time the signal is greatly degraded from room to room and it doesn’t ever reach everywhere in my house. If I were to connect a bluetooth bulb to my hub, it would have to be in the same or maybe a nearby room.


Can’t even expect a presence sensor to work since range is so low. I know drapes have been one item mentioned in the past, but again, if your living room is too far from the hub…

Directly lining as a keyboard to my harmony hub that sits next to it could have some uses though. But my other two hubs are too far away.

BLE is a lot more advanced than you realise. It’s gotten more energy efficient allowing battery devices to be useful.

But now that BLE mesh technology works you can use it for stringing together compatible devices. There are outdoor lights available. Bulbs not only are cheaper but some can be used with Bluetooth audio. Blind control and ibeacons to name a few.

It’s certainly opens a lot more options

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Not all devices are suitable for BLE but its another mainstream IOT protocol and adds possibilities.

But actually ibeacons as room presence sensors could be suitable. Better when you need more accurate presence.

But you need the beacon controlled from the hub not the phone so that the hub triggers if your phone is seen not if your phone sees the beacon for reliability. To do that the hub needs to use its Bluetooth module.

Forgot about the mesh thing, and I’ve even mentioned it on these forums. If that gets some products…I’m in! I’d love to have a little tag on my belt that alerts each room to my presence, I could do more with less, and re-purpose motion sensors galore…

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I don’t have a lot of use cases for bluetooth, but it would be great is ST allowed us to have some input on the roadmap.

What if we don’t want those “other things”?

Bluetooth doorlocks like August and Bolt and Kevo
Master lock Bluetooth padlocks
Flic buttons
Switchmate retrofit light switch
Fire TV
Samsung Sleep Sensor

C’mon–you know you want this. :wink:


Best to avoid this Master Lock Bluetooth padlock. Easily defeated with a simple hammer. Check the video below at the 14:50 mark.

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Depends what you want it for. Keep the kids out of the pool chemicals, or the housemates out of the liquor cabinet, works fine. :sunglasses:


I am sure if enabledbut no supported devices it would not take long for unofficial handlers to be all over the forum.

@slagle I know you said it’s not looking like it’s on the roadmap. But as we are the customers can that be rethought?

I wasn’t aware of bluetooth mesh, so thanks for pointing that out. I have read up on it a bit, and it does seem to have potential, but very young as far as communication protocols go. It will be fun to see what comes of it.

That being said, I believe SmartThings has such a focus on Zigbee and advancing that part of their ecosystem that I would be surprised to see Bluetooth enabled on the v2 hub at all. Remember, that in addition to enabling the hardware on the hub, an entire development platform has to be created for the devices to interact with the SmartThings platform.

Z-Wave and Zigbee are somewhat mature and dominating the HA market. Who knows, maybe they will surprise us, but I can see why SmartThings is dragging their feet on implementing it.

I have installed on a few of my window shades. BT only. Would be great to intregrate them.

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Depends in large part how much influence Samsung has now that SmartThings is working out of the innovation center.

Samsung has been putting out quality Bluetooth home automation devices for several years. Their door locks are gorgeous.

I think it’s also not an accident that the “first device designed specifically for SmartThings” is a Bluetooth based sleep sensor. Not because it’s SmartThings – – because it’s Samsung.

Samsung also had one of the first Bluetooth mesh lightbulbs, although it hasn’t come to market yet. But they were showing it two years ago.

And, of course, there’s the Bluetooth experience in the mobile Phone divisions.

None of that says that SmartThings will go down that path, but given the Samsung connection it’s a little surprising if they don’t. :sunglasses:


You know, I was looking at Samsung Bluetooth and RFD door locks about a year ago and it’s a shame they don’t talk to ST. They are so damn gorgeous! Even my wife agreed with me which is rare. Turn on your Bluetooth already ST. What a waste good working of components.