Smartthings compatible thermostat for electric floor heating recommendations (EU)

Looking for new thermostat since my tuya one is not compatible :confused: Any recommendations ?

EDIT: TO be more specific, im looking for mains powered, electric floor heating thermostatā€¦

What country are you in? The device selection does vary. :sunglasses:

Europe, Finland :slight_smile:

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Netatmo has a nice unit which is on the official compatibility list:

You would probably need to check with them to make sure it would work with your specific heating equipment.

Thnx, i updated my question, its more specific now, and should have been right from the start :slight_smile:

This one i have now :

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Itā€™s a bit of an elaborate integration for a single thermostat due to the number of steps involved, but my Heatmiser integration supports their Neostat electric underfloor thermostats

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This one ? Does it need this neohub mentioned ?

Yup thatā€™s the issue, needs a neohub aswell, and for Smartthings you need to run a tiny esp8266 bridge (0.3W) (though other smart home platforms donā€™t need the bridge). For a single thermostat itā€™s probably not worth it, though it is a great device

Hey Tontze:

Are you still using these? Did they work with Smartthings out of the box? I live in Finland as well and am looking for something to replace my manual floor heating thermostats. I have 5 thermostats so the price for this is pretty tempting. :slight_smile:

Yeah still using, there is no easy solution for this. Maybe some z-wave ones could work

Ok. So you use them via a separate app or something?

yeah i have it on homeassistant, but it has problem that it shows double temperatures, and there is no control over it. I also use smart life mobile app for it.