NST Manager not working after install

Hello. I’ve installed NST Manager and NST automations, and I’ve also installed the Device Handlers on IDE. I can’t find my Nest thermostat when I try and add a device. Can anybody help me out? I found it fairly complicated getting to this point as it is!

Thanks in advance

You need to post this issue in the official NST Manager thread. Same thread where you found the initial link with installation instructions.

Apologies. I’ll repost.

No worries. Just easier to have everything consolidated, instead of 1000s of individual topics. Be glad to help you over there.

I’ll try and mark… I had one issue that the directions did not seem correct. If you can ping me I’ll try and find you again and see if I can remember how I got over the hurdle.

I need to ask did you do a manual install or did you utilize the community installer?

I am no expert by any means but I’ve been working my way through this install as well as the fan controller