Novi Battery Powered Add-on Sensor

Anyone seen this before looks to be interesting.

Uses a proprietary communication protocol that is not compatible with SmartThings. In this case, “similar to zigbee” can be a bad thing, because it means there could be interference between smartthings and novi even though they can’t actually talk to each other.

The camera is not a streaming device; rather, it uses an 802.15.4 radio and a proprietary protocol that is “very similar to Zigbee,” according to my only support friend. When motion is detected, it will relay three images to the hub, just like the Image Sensor from and the motion camera from Abode.

Since the camera doesn’t stream, it consumes less bandwidth and therefore power than a WiFi camera. As such, it runs on batteries that can last up to a year.

It looks like an interesting system, and it does have some monitoring options and a cellular feature. But no integration at this time.

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Thanks for the extra information. Wonder if I contacted them if they would consider opening the API so smartthings might be able to do something.

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Never hurts to ask. :sunglasses:


Dude you’re the coolest! Just saying :relaxed: