Notion Sensor System (integration through IFTTT, no ST hub required)

This came up in another thread, and I just wanted to ask if anyone is currently using the Notion sensor system. I’ve been following them since they were in Kickstarter mode, but never bought it. They’re in the third generation now. They use a proprietary protocol and their own bridge for Ifttt. Which means they could be used with smartthings in a hub – optional configuration, which would be interesting. :thinking:

I kept hoping they were going to add HomeKit integration but they have not so far.

The sensors are weird but interesting. Each one is a multi sensor which can be an accelerometer (so it tells you if the door is opened), temperature sensor, or a leak sensor. And it can listen for a UL certified smoke alarm. I think they can also be set up as an open/close sensor with the optional magnet.

It’s a cloud-based system, not local, which may be one reason why they don’t have HomeKit compatibility since that Hass to offer a local option.

The starter kit comes with the bridge and three sensors for $149. Additional sensors are usually $40 each, although they have some bundles which bring the price down some.

They have a partnership with nationwide and some other insurance companies where the insurance company has been giving the kits at a 50% discount to some of their customers.

And Travelers has a pilot program where they been getting out some of the kits for free.

I’d be a little concerned that this will end up like halo: good technology, nice aesthetics, good app, but just not enough to keep the business going if it doesn’t get acquired by somebody bigger.

Anyway, I’m not recommending these at this time, I’d just like to know if anybody is using them and likes them because we do get the question in the forums from time to time about sensors That would work without a smartthings hub, so it would be good to have some options besides dlink for that configuration. :sunglasses:

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