Is SmartThings right for me?

I am researching several hubs to figure out which one is right for me. I am looking at SmartThings, Wink, and Insteon. Here are the key things I want to accomplish:

  1. I would like my garage door (Liftmaster that is compatible with MyQ, but do not have it yet) to work with my Hub. Specifically would be nice for it to be able to be open/closed, report what the status is of the door (open or closed) and based on proximity open as I pull into the neighborhood (I have Automatic in my car and iPhone 6)
  2. I would like to have some activity sensors that would let Nest know that I am indeed home. My Nest is in a place in my house that does not get a lot of traffic, so it goes auto-away when I am still home.
    2b. This means I obviously would like some Nest functionality
  3. I would like to be able to control my bedroom fan/light dimmer from the device
  4. Liquid sensors

I am having a hard time confirming which system can do all these things. I am leaning toward the SmartThings or Insteon.

Currently, from the systems you mentioned only Wink supports officially the MyQ. And it works pretty well, from what I’ve heard from users. SmartThings (ST) has a custom device type so you can add the MyQ to your system, but it is not officially supported. Some people use it and sometimes I see some glitches, but usually custom devices work well…

For official Nest integration, you need to go to Wink or Insteon. Both work with Nest and you can control the Thermostat from their apps. ST has a custom device type for the Nest Thermostat that gives you the basic Nest functionality, but keep in mind that device type violates Nest’s Terms and Agreement. There are many people in this community that use it and they say it works well. I tried it for about an hour and didn’t like it much.
This being said, you can achieve the presence on Nest by either adding Nest Protects to your home or by using the Life360 app.

Either of the three systems will allow you to do that. You just need to get an appropriate dimmer switch for it.

I know that both ST and Wink support water sensors. ST has a long list of compatible products you might want to check, and Wink supports the Aeotec water sensor. Don’t know about Insteon.