Notify me when - timer?

I previously had an app, and I cannot recall if it was the normal doors and locks one or not, that I would get a push notification if an open/close sensor was opened for an extended period of time, i.e., 5 minutes after opening. I am TRYING to to move to all the new internal apps so they will run locally on the new hub. I deleted my old app and using the “Notify me when” Smartapp from the marketplace works very well…(almost instantaneous for notification) but there is no option to notify me if open after X minutes.

Is this somewhere and I just haven’t seen it or does it need to be a feature request? Thoughts anyone?


Yeah, I miss that one too. I think it was thrown out of the window with the rest of the Dashboard Solutions apps.

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@ffingers, I still have that app in my dashboard. It’s in Doors & Locks, then gear icon, then drill into one of the doors or locks. Still has the minutes feature as well. @Geko, I still have all of my Dashboard Solutions apps.

[quote=“geko, post:2, topic:22121”]
Yeah, I miss that one too. I think it was thrown out of the window with the rest of the Dashboard Solutions apps.
[/quote]It’s there
Doors & Locks, Gear, Pick a door, Alert Me if it’s left open or closed, …

Not anymore. You see it only because you have left-over configuration from the old app. Once you remove all Dashboard rules, it will be gone and you can’t bring it back.

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Exactly…I was trying to streamline ahead of time given my v2 is on the way…so no more doors and locks since I moved the last bit…

I am hoping they will bring this stuff back over time…it doesn’t break my stuff and I am not dependent on it but I did like the feature…push comes to shove I am sure an app will take its place and if THAT doesn’t work locally its not the end of the world…

I actually am trying to embrace the new app and features…its not awful…but some little touches they really need to add back in to make it a better overall experience…

[quote=“geko, post:5, topic:22121”]
Not anymore
[/quote]Weird. I have done a full re-install of all devices at a new location very very recently, with the 2.0 app. Are you SURE?

“Left It Open” still shows up as a template from SmartThings in the IDE, too…

I get it (still) on the 2.0 app if I make new Door
"What do you want to do…" Alert me if it’s left open or closed is the 2nd choice - it requests a contact sensor, and away we go.

Very sure, and support has confirmed it.

When you upgrade to the 2.0 version of the mobile app on any platform, your old shortcut groups will come over and appear on the dashboard. However, you will not be able to add new devices to them.

Once you have deleted all of the devices associated with that group, it will go away forever.

There is no way to add new groups, or to re-add a group that you had before.

The only new group that can appear is smart home monitor. There are plans for other solution set, but they’re not yet available.

Support can verify this.

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I did not do that. I wiped my install, new location, started from scratch with 2.0

And I just added a door and see the option.

Ah Ok, so I did all that BEFORE smart home appeared, but on 2.0. Ok, got it.

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But wait… so there is NO Doors & Locks? How do you lock/unlock doors?!?

Yeah, sequence makes a big difference:

Note: Dashboard categories and some legacy SmartApps will no longer be available once deleted

That appears to be a bug, rumored to already be scheduled for an update.

They do appear at various places, I think in routines, certainly in some of the marketplace apps. And on the thing screen. But they are noticeably missing from some other places where they should be, like smart home monitor.

Locks will be under doors and Locks (if you still have it) and rooms, things, routines as well but you will not find the locks under the most important feature aka SHM. There is absolutely no mention of locks in there which in my opinion is a must place to be and be prominent.

Sounds like something that would be there, yeah. I’m good with a single big green OK button but need to lock/unlock and turn on/off lights :smile:

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Send a feedback, buddy! We need it there and throw in a entry delay as well to @geko’s point! SHM with no actual locks???

There’s a rumor of the new “Lock Wizard” (or something like that) SmartApp.


I can add new Dashboard Shortcuts, and add new devices to them. So I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s working for me the same way it used to.

Which version are you on? And how specifically did you add them?

Support told me the same thing that’s published on the new support pages:

Note: Dashboard categories and some legacy SmartApps will no longer be available once deleted

I never deleted anything, for one. So I have my old setup. I just looked in the Marketplace, and true enough, those apps aren’t there where you used to be able to find them. I can understand why they want to walk away from Lights & Switches and its Dashboard Shortcuts, because it was a giant can of worms the way it was implemented. And it was buggy. So good riddance. Unless of course you need some functionality that is now gone.

If so, any number of us can be called on to recreate any of that functionality that someone needs, and it won’t be part of a can of worms. :grinning:


So, migrators from V1 hub to V2, this will all be gone on V2. Not a big deal, IMO.

Version: 2.0.0 (1157). I will update to 2.0.1 and report back. 2.0.1 crashes on my iPad ???

Stuff that’s missing so far: