Notify me when mode changes?

Is there an equivalent to the “Notify me when” SmartApp that will notify me when my hub’s mode changes?

I can (and have) added a notify clause to the two routines that automatically change the mode based on presence, but I’m looking for something that would detect a mode change by some other mechanism (in the SmartThings app, via ActionTiles, etc.).

This would accomplish two things:

  1. Not requiring me to remember to add that notification to any new routines I happen to create in future (only those that change the mode obviously), and
  2. Notification in case of a random button pushing by a cat, a burglar, or a family member (including me :grin: )

Thanks for any suggestions.

This one’s easy. :sunglasses:

I’m sure you could do it with Webcore, but you can also do it with the official features as long as you add a virtual switch.

If you use the official smartlighting feature, you can turn on the switch when the mode changes.

Then you just use having that switch come on be the trigger for notify when. :sunglasses:

If you haven’t used a virtual switch before, that’s easy. Here’s the FAQ for that:

If you want to have the switch turn itself off each time so it will be available to use again, you can use power allowance with it so it comes on for a minute and then turns off each time.

Or you can have it come on and stay on and then use some other method to turn it off later.

It just comes down to exactly what you want to have happen. But the key is use a virtual switch. Once you have created the virtual switch, it shows up in your list of switches just like any physical switch would do. So you can use it with a routine, a smart app, Web, or, just toggle it in the SmartThings mobile app, etc.


Would use webCoRE. No need for a virtual switch.

If Mode Change To "x"
Then Send Push Notification “Mode Changed to x”

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Oh, duh, of course. I started with a virtual switch, but then didn’t think of using “notify me” to get a notification of when the virtual switch was turned on :grin:

Thanks @JDRoberts (again)


Thank you @rontalley. I haven’t dipped my toes into CoRE yet (and in fact haven’t been keeping up with webCoRE, maybe I should)…