Notify me of kids arrival/departure, but only when I'm not home

Hey folks,

I’m new to Smartthings, and haven’t forayed into writing Apps yet. I want to be notified of my kids Presence arrival and departure, but only when I’m not at home. Seemed simple enough. The Notify-me-when app works fine, but it lacks any only-when or mode filter. Please point me in the right direction.


Hi Chris,

The ‘Notify Me When’ has an option at the very bottom of the first set of options entitled 'Set for specific mode(s).

If I’m understanding correctly, you could simply choose a relevant mode there. In my case I’d be setting that to ‘Home’.

Hope that helps :smile:

You can do this using of the community SmartApps. @bravenel’s Rule Machine is very good for this. You can generate two rules. One to let it notify you when they arrive and you are not there, and another one to notify you when they leave if you are not there. You just need to create a routine that does nothing else than to notify you and have the rule activate that routine.

Here is a guide to how to use community SmartApps, by our own @JDRoberts.

If you’re going to use RuleMachine to do this, don’t even bother with the Routines. RuleMachine can do the notifications too. One rule to notify of presence of the kids AND he is not present, and one to notify of not present AND he is not present.

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