Mode Change Notify

I altered a simple SmartApp. It should send the appropriate notification when your mode changes. I wanted a one stop solution rather than going through every other app.

If you’re wondering why I wrote the code this way the answer is “I know no idea what I’m doing”


Very cool :smile:

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Hey Luke, thanks for the app.
Is there a way you can modify it so the user can customize the message?
Thank you.

Can I? no im not that skilled at coding.

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I only want this to notify me when my home mode changes to home or away…I have tried checking the various boxes…What do I need to have selected? I am also ok having it notify me of a mode change only when my current mode is away.


I’m not sure. I’m not a coder. I just ripped this code from another SmartApp and tailored it to my used case scenario.