Mode Change Notification

Which app sends a notification when the Mode changes? I can send notifications when the devices trigger a mode change but I would prefer to be notified more directly. I can’t seem to find the set. I have an Android phone. Any guidance would be appreciated.

In my setup it’s the action that changes the mode (actions in “hello home”) which does the notification.

I’m not sure there is any other way, other than maybe a smartapp. Hopefully someone else has a better answer for you, maybe an app already written…

I just threw this simple program together and tested it out. It will send you a push notification anytime your home mode changes. See if this will do what you want. The notification will state: “Home mode changed from xxxx to xxxx”

Just realized I had a slight bug in the code in that the option to disable notifications didn’t work (I forgot to add that bit of code). It’s fixed now in version 1.0.1 at

Thanks, guys. I realize that it was an option, as mentioned, in the Hello Home. I bolted thru the app and overlooked it. Thanks again.