Notifications with Sound -using Sonos

With the new Webcore device integration for Sonos, and the resulting death of BigTalker, what options do we have, or what might be coming for event notifications - Using Sonos?

I have configured Speaker Companion as a work around but there is a LOT to be desired for this app, especially after coming from BigTalker.

For me this is the core value from Smartthings - I want to know what’s going on in my house as it happens. I had previously kept my Honeywell Alarm system around, just for notifications. Once I could finally get speaker notifications working I set it up for me as well as family members. Everyone asks, how can I do this?

With Samsung or the Community is there anything available or coming?

You can use the automation creator in the new app.

To add to what Jimmy said, it’s a new format so the apps needs to be updated. All of the RBoy Apps have been updated to support it. Here’s an example of a popular notifications app that is used with the new Sonos for notifications.

You can even set a custom message or text for the app to announce. It’s support TTS natively.


The Rule Engine also has support for all the commands exposed by the new Sonos Websocket device handler.

If your goal is to play sound files, you can use playTrack() to play your files like you may have been accustomed to with the previous Sonos device handler:

TTS is a bit more work, but it’s really much easier than it seems:

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The only option I have under automation, that allows for a device action specific voice message, is speaker companion.

Others might chime or something. I have more than one door and window, need to know which and what the action is.

Is the app, release-door-chimes-and-notifications-for-doorbells-and-sensors, one you install with the old SmartThings app?

I have posted a fix for BigTalker2 on the thread. You have been tagged too.

But here you go, a link to the fixed BigTalker2.

The automation creator allows the functionality as speaker companion. With these, you must configure a routine for each action, on each device with each speaker. I’ll keep speaker companion going until I find something better. OpenHab is looking better now.

My goal is to find something that will do what BigTalker2 does and work with the Sonos Webcore Device.

Did you see the first post on the link. It explains the features and how you can use custom variables to create your own message.

@RBoy, don’t waste your time. It hasn’t been read. The same as my posts. No comment.

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