Get Sonos speaker to broadcast message?

How can I get Sonos speaker to broadcast a message when a sensor is triggered? Automation is very limited to play, mute, and other basic simple functions. It would be awesome to broadcast my natural voice for a message. I purchased Play 1 Sonos to expand my ST possibilities, please help.

You can use Smart Home Monitor or webCoRE.

In SHM, you can create custom alerts in the Classic app.

In webCoRE, you can create pistons to do basically anything and everything.

Thanks jkp, why do ST use 2 different apps? Is the Classic an old version? Btw I downloaded the classic app and it looks much better then the other ST app I was using.

Yes, the Classic app is the older version and STSC is the newer version but it is not finished at this point. It does not have the full functionality that is available in the Classic app. It is recommended to use the Classic at this time. But ST TVs and appliances only work in the STSC app and not the Classic.

Yes, you probably want the classic app. I don’t use Sonos, but I believe it supports the speak command. SmartApps like Big Talker 2 will help you with speech based on something happening, but am not sure how you set up a Sonos to work with it. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

Thanks Melinda. I will research big talker now