Can I get an alert that a light has been left on?

I am planning my system. I would like to set up an alert (either text or email) that tells me certain lights have been left on over xx amount of time. Is this something Smartthings can do? How? Thanks Ginny

I asked the same thing just a week ago. I used the “notify me when” app and let me know that lights turned on in my absence.

Because I have my lights set to turn off when I leave this scenario works well for me thus far.

Thanks, I think I saw your thread, but I did not see any reply’s…Is it just me or is this forum format a little different???

It takes a little getting used to :slight_smile:

Fyi…while out last night I was notified that my laundry room lights somehow turned themselves on despite programming. After a couple rounds of on, off, on I finally won.

In this instance I would otherwise have no way to know without custom device types.

This seems like it would also be very handy if you use a lot of smart bulbs and experience power outages which cause said bulbs to turn on.