Why can't it talk to me?

Willing to bet we all use STs for various notifications. But at this point we are limited to one notification sound, so we have to pick up our phone, wake it, and check notifications.

I have already made the request for access to more than one notification sound that we might choose it when installing an app, but I think I would prefer to see the following:

section( "Notifications" ) {
	input "TextToSpeak", "text", title: "Message to Speak...", required: false

def sunsetHandler() {
	log.info "Executing sunset handler"
    def Gdoor = checkGarage()
       if (Gdoor == "open") {
       	sendVoice( TextToSpeak )

Both iOS and Android have text-to-speech APIs, so why not just add another notification type to sms and notifications… sendVoice. When called, the phone simply speaks the passed string in the currently setup voice. I now know what notification I received without having to touch my phone.

Pretty Please on this one ST Team

Well… you already know that I have an Ubi and with them opening up being able to send phrases via HTTP requests this is very easy to do now… assuming you are at home and around your Ubi(s). But yeah, it would be nice to have it built into your phone too.

I wonder if there would be a work around until ST adds it. I’ve never played much with the programs that will read your text messages to you. But what if they could be configured to only read from selected senders? Then you could text yourself a message thru ST which would then be picked up by the text message reader and spoken outloud. I wonder if that would work.

Well, there are a couple of limitations around how notifications work on both platforms. For security reasons neither platform allows push notifications to trigger an app launch.

However, on android, it would be very simple to create a tasker profile that reads notifications and speaks them using the speech API.

Also, if you have Sonos, you could use the text to sonos app’s (weather report) to read / announce things through a sonos device.

Sorry… Patrick beat me to it.

Using Tasker, create a profile based on a notification event, and on entry, create a SAY task to read the NTITLE variable.