Notifications on iphone stopped working (but still appear on ipad)

Anyone else having a problem whereby notifications from automations (to one or more devices/people) completely stopped working on iphone (latest iPhone OS) but still appearing on ipad (latest iPadOS)?

Have done all the usual stuff of uninstalling and reinstalling app, checking all settings in app and on device but nothing seems to work.

Also having the same issue others have reported that geofencing (triggering automations) no longer seems to work (sometimes works if Smartthings app is left open but not reliably).

I’m using Smartthings primarily with TP-link smart plugs (Kasa) which are pretty solid but the Kasa app doesn’t have geofencing, only timers. Wonder if there’s a better solution than Smartthings (preferably not using a dedicated hub) as the random problems are very frustrating.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Thank you.