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It appears I am receiving someone else’s notifications. If true this is a major security issue. I have had devices mysteriously disappear from my account which support was unable to track down and now I am getting someone else’s notifications. I do not have a smart microwave and I have no idea what Schraderdoso is - looks like a lock. I also got an intrusion detection notification. I do not have Home Monitoring enabled. This is causing me to lose trust in SmartThings to operate my home.

I submitted this to support and expect a useless response like uninstall the app from your phone.

Anyone seeing weirdness like this?

There have been 2 other users reporting the same issue in the past 12 hours. I suspect there was a 3rd but not sure.You should definitely report the issue to ST support.

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I did and they of course asked me to try uninstalling the app. I wrote back and kindly requested them to escalate and that the issue is not an app issue if I am receiving someone else’s notifications.

Does anyone know how to get a case properly escalated. It’s painful dealing with the scripted support steps. One would think that a security risk of mixing accounts would be enough to get to developers quickly.