Notification when the Thermostat gets changed manually on the device?

Is there any way to set this up?

Or is there a way to “lock” a thermostat so users can’t manually change the temperature on the physical thermostat?

That would be a hardware setting, but I don’t know of any thermostats that offer such a feature. However, what works well for us, is reverting to a default temperature after a certain period. Say my kids turn the AC down to 68, the thermostat waits 5 minutes and brings it back to 74. That way everyone is happy. They think is getting colder and we save a buck on electric bill. Is all about perception. They never complained that the thermostat is broken.


That would work, use webcore?

There are some thermostats like GoControl/CT-xxx which support “locking” the physical controls (not Z-Wave). However these are not password/pin protected, so anyone can technically press a few button to “unlock” the thermostats.

The locking can be done physically or through Z-Wave. Since it can be done through Z-Wave you could setup a rule in CoRE/WebCoRE to monitor the state of the lock and if it’s unlocked, then relock it. But that will still allow you to change the temp through Z-Wave (it’s on a physical device screen itself).

Is that what you’re looking to do?

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Exactly this, the second part. Will havr to play with webcore. Thanks. How about using webcore to set the temp back to what I have it set automatically for. Like checking every 5 minutes?

You can set a PIN password on the ecobee.

And, on the Nest too.


I use IFTTT for notifications on manual change. It isn’t instant however. Takes about 5 minuets.

This is what I use. You will need to modify it but it is a start.

If you’re using a CT-xxx or any similar thermostat you can use our recently updated DTH to lock your controls remotely.

Now keep in mind that this allows you to lock your controls remotely (either partially or fully), however the user can forcefully unlock the controls from the device (if they know how to unlock it from the menu options, it isn’t straight forward but it can be done).

If you’re using CoRE/webCoRE then you can create rule to notify you if the user has ‘unlocked’ the controls by checking the lockControls attribute for any changes and trigger a rule to relock it after notifying you.