[SOLVED] Door and window sensor triggers but IFTTT and Notify Me When won't trigger

I have an Everspring SM103 Door and Window Sensor (EU) which is wired into my doorbell via a relay. I’m using the following device code (found elsewhere on the forums) to run the device so that when the doorbell is pressed (open/close) an event labelled ‘pushed’ is triggered from the SM103.


This all appears to be working okay and I can see from the SmartThings app and api logs that the events are appearing correctly:

The problem I’m having is that IFTTT and the Notify Me When smart app are not reacting to these events at all. I’ve tried multiple configurations of IFTTT and Notify Me When, but can never get them to trigger or even acknowledge an event has occurred.

Is there something I’m missing in the configuration of this device? I haven’t had similar issues with other devices connected to my hub.

It seems strange that the logs pickup on the events yet smart apps don’t.

Any help is much appreciated!

For anyone with the same issue I managed to get the following slightly modified device handler to work with the SM103 so it functions as a doorbell with notifications.


Not sure why I could only get it trigger ‘Notify Me When’ with both createEvent and sendEvent…