Notification - if outside temp is lower than Nest current temp (or temp sensor)

This leans a little more towards something that would be borne from a IFTTT marries SmartRules, but here is my scenario. It is blazing hot during the day so we keep the house shut up, but at a certain point in the evening (varies widely) it is cooler outside, and we can open up the windows and let it cool off. I’m left testing by sticking my head out at random times.

I want a notification that says “hey the current outside temp for your zip code is lower than your current nest temp, go open a window”. Maybe this is a tweak off of something else that turns Nest on or off based on outside temps? I’m not sure. We arent actually running the A/C, the Nest is in “off” for the season but continues to read current temps.

I’ve found the thread about triggering a house fan and have a weather station tile set up. Anyone got some ideas. I think it would be straightforward, but I dont know how to start.


See the new smart setup choices just released today:

There are a lot of cool ones, I think Smart Windows might do it for me, but my goal is the moment the outside temp drops below the inside one, to get a notification. SWindows has a range, but I’ll see how it goes.

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There is a new method of what your thinking about that would be useful and convenient to help you save energy. Kilowatt killer (KK) has an algorithm that compare outside air temperature to indoor temperature. When outside air temperature is favorable base on user setting heating or cooling. A fan connected to a smart switch will activate a fan place in front of open window. The user can select temperature setting with maximum low and maximum high. So that when your cooling Kilowatt Killer with turn fan off base on user’s setting for maximum low temp. For heating, when you heating the interior it will not allow the interior of house to go above user’s setting. You left for work, that morning the temperature is 58°, as the day heats up and may reach 80° KK will activate fan to help heat interior space so that when you get home the house is nice and warm without gas or electric to heat house. By starting at 79° as sunset your heater may be delayed by several hours from activation. What your practicing with opening when outside air is favorable to help cool house will be on steroid and convenient, no sticking your head outside window and fan will bling in favorable air 10 time more volume at the moment it’s available.