Log thermostat changes, temperature based?


(Eric) #1

I found an old IFFFT Maker recipe someone had made, but it didn’t quite do what I wanted… so here is my question…

I am using Nest Manager to integrate my Nest Thermostat into SmartThings.

I want to log the runtimes of the thermostat as well as the temperature it is set to and the outside temperature, all to a google sheet.

As a second rule, I want to get a notification if the thermostat is running but the outside temperature is either above or below some threshold (depending on heating or cooling). For example, if it is 68 degrees in the house and my Nest is running to cool the house to 65, but the outside temperature is already 65 or lower, then I want a notification (it just makes more sense to open some windows at that point).

Anyway, IFFFT can’t do these things for me because they are rather complex and the Nest channel doesn’t have the proper triggers…

I was thinking I might be able to do this with CoRe, but I can’t find a way to simply notify when the thermostat is running…

Does anyone have experience setting up something like this? Any suggestions?

(Anthony S.) #2

As far as the outside temp notifications. Our builtin automations in Nest Manager will do that. As far as the logging the device handlers will log all of that data in the device UI graphs

(Kevin) #3

Try the new webCoRE. I just quickly put this together so haven’t debugged it, but I think it is along the lines you want…

(Eric) #4

Sounds like I’ll have to play around with what’s built in to Nest Manager a bit more. I have it set up to trigger from contact sensors, but I was unaware that type of automation was in there. Thanks for the awesome tool!

Does Nest Manager allow me to export the data being stored in the graphs?

(Eric) #5

Is this integrated with CoRE or is this an offshoot? I had no idea this even existed and I feel like I’m on here fairly regularly.

This looks like a far nicer way to write out rules. I’ve always found all the menus in CoRE to be a bit confusing.

(Kevin) #6

It’s been in beta for a little while, I haven’t converted everything over to it yet. I am adding new pistons with it though…