Notification for Watersensor


I am pretty new to this smartthings gateway and I am a little bit overcharged with the all the functions of Smartapps etc.

Anyway I bought an Abus Zwave water leak sensor and it works fine. It is categorised in the smart things home monitor, but I am not able to create a rule for this, it won t show up to select it for a rule.

I read something that I can change it to a switch to run a rule, but would like to try other action.

I use the new smartthings app and the device is an
Abus Waterleak sensor. Unfortunately I can t find this product as an supporter device but it was easy to connect also to find a topic about that Produkt isn’t that easy :neutral_face:

I just need a small advice how to create a rule, that when the sensor turn to wet to geht a notice like text message or email or activate another thing.

Thank you in advance


The reason you don’t see it as an option to select in the rules is that it wasn’t recognized as a water leak sensor, instead it was paired as a generic device (which has no features/capabilties). You would need to open the IDE at and change the device handler to Z-Wave Water Sensor, follow the instructions here: Device Handler Installation Instructions

If your device was paired before installing the Device Handler above, follow these additional steps to change the Device Handler used by your device:
In the IDE, click on “My Devices” on the top
Click on your existing device (thermostat/lock etc which you want to change)
Scroll down and click on “Edit”
Under “Type *” select the new device handler you just created (it will show up at the bottom of the list)
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Update”

This will force ST to use the Water leak device handler for your device and now you should be able to use it in your Automation rules

Thanks for reply, actually it was recongnised as an water leak sensor. But may be that’s the problem to handle with this device handler and IDE, I still didn’t get it. so thanks for the instruction I will have a look now right now

It s not working for me. can t find device handler for this product. And its already recognised as a water leak sensor.
I only found device handlers for other brands, so i need to find another solution

Does this sensor show up for selection in the STHM in the “Leaks” section? If so, instead of creating an automation directly, configure the STHM to send you a notification when the sensor detects a leak.

In the STHM, click the settings gear, top right. Select Leaks, Set Response. Push notifications and text message response settings are at the bottom.

Kill the ST app and reload it. Sometimes all the devices don’t show up in the list. It helps to close and re open the automation page a few times. I also noticed not having a device in a room can cause it not to show up in the list

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Yes the item works well from the beginning, I just couldn’t create a rule

Thank you so much, sometimes it’s too easy even for me to find the solution. I deleted and reinstalled and now I can create a rule :joy: