Everspring/Utilitech leak sensor device type change?

I’m using one of these sensors to detect when the bathtub is adequately filled. But I don’t need it to report as a security/leak issue; I just want it to report as an active or inactive device. I tried a few different z-wave device options without success.
Any ideas?

Do you have this set up in SHM Leaks? If so, remove it and create a custom rule/configuration in SHM to alert you when either condition (wet/dry) is met.

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It doesn’t want to remove, perhaps I erred by changing device type prior to removing it

Go ahead and go back to the original device type, and then go back to SHM and deselect the device from Leaks, or if you enabled “Use every Moisture sensor”, turn that back off and manually select the devices you want as part of Leaks.

SHM Custom does not want to show the water sensor, even after I removed it from everything else.

If I have to go with the original arrangement I’ll live with it I guess