Not including a discovered device during inclusion

This is a general annoyance for me, my neighbor has a Hue hub and every time I go to add a device my SmartThings discovered it along with my new device. I only want to add my device not his Hue hub but there doesn’t seem to be a way of excluding it during the inclusion process.

Usually after I add the device I wanted I have to go back in and remove his Hue from my SmartThings hub. Is there another way de-selecting a device that is discovered that you don’t want?


The only way that should happen is if you are on the same Wi-Fi network. SmartThings will automatically discover anything on the same Wi-Fi, which is an annoyance for us since we are 3 housemates and one of us has a hue bridge that should not be added to SmartThings. :rage:

i understand the annoyance, but Smartthings shouldn’t be able to access any devices from the hue bridge unless it has been authorized.

A number of us asked for that feature when “superLAN connect“ was first introduced, but the company rejected the idea. They feel that operating on the same Wi-Fi puts you inside the security perimeter, and that most people prefer automatic discovery.

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I really don’t know how I am discovering his Hue. But just did another device add via the SmartThings app a minute ago and something changed it now has the message “please press the button on the Hue hub.” So maybe I will be spared the removing process :slight_smile: