Norton Core router

About a month ago I switched to a Norton Core router from an old Netgear model. I like the idea of a “connected” router that is actively checking for suspicious behavior, especially with a growing number of IoT connected devices inside my home and talking to the internet all the time. It is faster and has better signal in the far reaches of my house. Things have generally been OK with my ST hub (v2). It was correctly identified by the app as a ST hub and hasn’t triggered any threats blocked notifications. However, it seems like the hub is going offline and failing to return to service more often. It has happened at least a couple of times in the past week. It seems to only be resolved by unplugging the Norton router to reset it. The hub is plugged in to the Norton Core via Ethernet cable directly.

I should, I guess, also mention that about 10 days ago I got a cable modem “upgrade” (no hardware change, just a service setting from the cable company) to switch me from 25 to 100 Mb service. Prior to that I was frequently dropping internet connection, but once it was reestablished the ST hub always seems to return to service on it’s own, including about 20 days after I switched to the Norton Core. Since the modem “upgrade” and some tweaking of the line strength by the cable company tech, I haven’t seen modem drop the connection and this morning when I discovered that my hub had been offline all night (and some temperature triggered events didn’t happen because of that) the rest of the devices in the house had good connections. But the hub had solid blue light. I actually tied resetting it first, but it returned to the same solid blue light after it was reset. Then I unplugged the router and plugged it back in and within a few seconds the hub returned to a green state.

This is obviously of concern because times when I am out of town are precisely when I rely on SmartThings to monitor my house and keep me informed of any issues.

Trying to figure out if this is a router issue, cable modem issue, or ST hub issue. Any input from other community members that have this would be appreciated. I did just learn that I can reboot the Core from the app, so if it happens again, I will try that instead of unplugging.

I am certain someone will get upset at me for saying this, but you should switch to FIOS if you have it in your area. It always is on and no bottle necking on speed.

You do realize that FIOS has a very small footprint in terms of areas covered :slight_smile:

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Wish there were more dedicated Fiber optic internet providers.

I agree with that. AT&T seems to be the only one growing at this time. Google showed a lot of promise and then just stopped. I am still pissed at AT&T for destroying my front yard.

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What happened?

I had a nice lawn. Then with their ditchwitch and plow, a really bad nightmare after 2 weeks of digging. They didn’t even attempt to level it out, just dumped their weed seeds on top of it.

Sorry I asked. I guess I should be happy with what I got for Internet provider. :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s all in the past now. Let’s get back to the OP and figure out why they are having router issues. :slight_smile:

Cox is still expanding Gigablast. After two years of promises they finally brought it to my area.