Node-Red and Smartthings

Anyone have experience with this palette? It appears to grant access to Smartthings devices and is API based, so will continue working after the Groovy IDE is phased out.

And it also seems possible to host Node red in the cloud without purchasing equipment or putting up a server, which could be an option fur some.

I’m using this palette … as for hosting the nodered I created an instance on aws EC2 but I can’t put a password … it needs to be a public ip …

in this flow I’m using these nodes

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I am using it as well, but with Hubitat. I am running it at home with DuckDNS and Nginx to help with the external access and SSL/TLS and provide security. Nginx has allowed me to setup endpoints with SSL and not expose the main interface, just the endpoint.

Ok… I finally was able to use the official node “Automation” from node-red-contrib-samsung-automation-studio-nodes.

I had to import the template “SmartThings : Automation” from Samsung Automation Studio.
Template "SmartThings : Automation"

I also had to read the source code to understand Automation can only connect with a single Event Device and nothing more, not even Debug.

I simply used localtunnel

lt -p PORT -s SUBDOMAIN --local-https

I created the “WebHook Endpoint” and was able to deploy and test.
The problem is: the smartapp just DISAPPEARED and now I can’t modify its settings anymore.

That is fairly strange. I have had mine out there now for weeks or even a few months. Make sure you check your Smartthings developer workspace and that the app is still registered and showing as functional with connectivity. Your tunnel may be what is causing the issue.

The interesting part is that the automation still works.
I just can’t modify the selected devices anymore.

It stops working when I click “Unlist from test” and starts working again when I click “Deploy to test”.


Did you somehow take your phone out of developer mode?

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That is exactly what happened! Thanks, @Mavrrick58
For some reason, Developer Mode was disabled.