Node.js cast-web-api keeps stopping on android device

I’ve successfully installed node.js and then cast-web-api as a smartapp so that I can get audio announcements cast to my google home speakers when my doors open. The problem I’m having is that it works for a while then suddenly stops working. When I check the node.js running on my tablet, the service has stopped and I need to restart it manually. After which I also need to recreate the automations again before they work properly.

Anybody had this issue, or know how to resolve it ?

could you please help me how to did you install it on your phone. im struggling

I believe I followed this tutorial.



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It was kinda glitchy, and required regular restarts of the service.

In the end I started using Macrodroid to play a custom sound based on a custom notification ( ie front door open)

This has worked far better than I could have imagined. I suppose you could do the same thing in Tasker.

Hope this helps.

Use the forever service

thanks much. I’ll work on it today

I keep getting this error after 5 mins or so after running the program

Any ideas on how to solve it? I am running on Android



Sorry. I gave up on this method completely.

I found it much easier to use a program like Tasker or MacroDroid to intercept the smartthings notification, and simply play a sound clip (or perform any other action}

Hope you get it all sorted.

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Thanks, i have read about people using alternative methods but i have literally no programming knowledge and what attracted me to this approach was the easy to follow instructions. Looks like i may have to look into it a bit more if i cannot resolve this issue



Daniel did you ever get this figured out? I’m currently working on this project and have the same results with android. I was however able to set it up via the vast web api for windows. I just dont want to leave my PC on all the time.

Hi, I did resolve it in the end. I think I had to get another version of node.js thats not on the play store. Apologies but I can’t remember more details but you should be able to find some guidance online