Can't get cast-web api to work properly

Hi all. I have been working the last couple of days to get cast-web api up and running on a PC to replace my Tasker setup that only works when my phone is at home.

I installed cast-web-api windows version and all seems to be running properly:


I Installed the Device Handler and SmartApp from the code and changed the word “string” to “text”…then Published and Saved both.

I added the SmartApp to my Smartthings app on my Android phone and added the API IP address:

and tested the connection

And Selected the Cast Devices

I had expected to see a list of devices here given the header but there is nothing

I do not get any additional devices showing up in my ST app on my phone, nor do they show up in ST IDE on my web browser.

I also get this error message when selecting “Setup the Google Assistant…” option or if I go back in to Discover Devices and hit the NEXT button or the back arrow. Then the screen freezes and I have to kill the ST app on my phone and open it again:

Any thoughts on what I missed or have done wrong?

Thanks for the help.

Look at Live Logging in the IDE, you might going to see some error messages.

The other thing, that all these were built for the Classic app and not for the current one, so mostlikely there are issues with it.

I had the exact same issue before realising I only added 1/2 of the device handlers in the Smartthings IDE.

You should have

After setting both up, I was able to click next and devices installed & appeared

I’m now struggling with inconsistency - notifications only work ~60% of the time

I would not put much effort into cast-web-api at this point. It is a groovy smartapp that will be phased out on the ST platform when groovy support ends.

Thanks…Are you aware of any other alternatives that allow us to cast to google speakers?

Apparently I follow directions like you do :stuck_out_tongue:I missed that also. Appreciate the help…now I have devices so will see if they work