Needed Help: Installing/Configuring cast-web-api

I am trying to work through this installation – – so as to be able to broadcast messages from Smartthings to my Google speakers in my home. I feel like I made it through successfully until needing to add my devices through the Smartthings app.

This is what is asks –

"## Adding your devices

1. Open your SmartThings mobile app
2. Go to: ‘Marketplace’ > ‘Smartapps’ > ‘+ My Apps’ > Cast web - service manager
3. Enter your cast-web-api address. The API will output something looking like this on startup.
Don’t copy the whole thing, just enter the above underlined part without http:// or any slashes.
4. Tap ‘Discover devices’
*5. Select your devices and click ‘Done’"

After completing step #2, I am able to go to the custom Smartapp, but I do not see where I am able to add an IP addy. It fails to connect, although I can’t see what IP addy it is trying to connect to.

I can confirm that the API ius running on my home PC, which is on my network. It shows the cast-web-api 1.2.1 as running and “online”. I’m just not sure how to actually configure the smartapp for my PC’s IP addy.

Try adding the IP address via the old app.

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