Needed Help: Installing/Configuring cast-web-api

I am trying to work through this installation – – so as to be able to broadcast messages from Smartthings to my Google speakers in my home. I feel like I made it through successfully until needing to add my devices through the Smartthings app.

This is what is asks –

"## Adding your devices

1. Open your SmartThings mobile app
2. Go to: ‘Marketplace’ > ‘Smartapps’ > ‘+ My Apps’ > Cast web - service manager
3. Enter your cast-web-api address. The API will output something looking like this on startup.
Don’t copy the whole thing, just enter the above underlined part without http:// or any slashes.
4. Tap ‘Discover devices’
*5. Select your devices and click ‘Done’"

After completing step #2, I am able to go to the custom Smartapp, but I do not see where I am able to add an IP addy. It fails to connect, although I can’t see what IP addy it is trying to connect to.

I can confirm that the API ius running on my home PC, which is on my network. It shows the cast-web-api 1.2.1 as running and “online”. I’m just not sure how to actually configure the smartapp for my PC’s IP addy.

Try adding the IP address via the old app.

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What about nowadays. Is it possible? XD

Seems you need to mod the existing code to make it work with the new app

Locate the line of code below. Replace the word “ string ” with “ text . This change is needed in order for it to work in the new SmartThings app.

input “apiHostAddress”, “text”, title: “API host address”, required: true

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hi, it seems like I running into the same exact issue, I tried the change below and it didn’t like the change when trying to post the change to smart apps. app

Thank you so much for this!